Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Realization.

Recently, I've come to a conclusion.  I'm beginning to realize that apparently single, "normal" (ie non-ax murdering), good-looking guys above the age of 28 in this city are like unicorns, or dragons or the tooth fairy. They simply do not exist.

I find this to be quite puzzling.

Although, if I'm truly honest, the onus could partially be on me.  As much as I love my 20s friends, and as much fun as I have with them [when I remain conscious], it's pretty clear they are leading me to all the wrong guys.  Which, thus far, has been pretty fun. But ideal? Not so much.
However, this calls to mind an email exchange I had recently with my friend, Lisa P (or "P" as I like to call her.)

P is a sassy, successful, no BS type o' chick, and is in my age range.  Here are some thoughts she had on the places we should/shouldn't be going:

1) The higher the bar tab, the more age-appropriate the dudes. (ie) You need not frequent spots with 2 for 1's or happy hour specials, or free food in general for that matter.

2) Just say NO to wine bars - unless you should decide to play for the other team for awhile and are looking for lonely, single chicks.

3) Fish where the fish are.  Ironically, this would be steak/meat-oriented joints, sports bars, low-key hangs, and scotch/cocktail/cigar-type locales.

4) Just clocking in more time in Tribeca and/or the Financial District in general may not be a bad idea.  

#4 makes me think I should probably just hang out on Wall Street in a pretty dress with a sign that says "I'm single. And I'm the best investment you'll ever make."