Monday, September 20, 2010

It's not all just about dating...

So, when I'm not dealing with my dating MISadventures and/or accidentally self-sabotaging them, I'm generally thinking about one thing:

My copywriting job?

My voice-over job?



I simply can't help it. It's always been a sickness. And living in soho/nyc? Please.
The world is my boutique!
Shoes, bags, jewelry ('cessories!) are my ultimate kryptonite.

Alas, Friday found me wandering into my favorite shoe store,
Belle by Sigerson Morrison.

And (oopsie!) wandering out with these:

One hot, sexy, tough bootie, 2 ways to rock it.
And might I mention, check the sensible heel ladies!
Already ran in them this morning.
[late for a VO job. no cabs! AH!]

Ok, so they're a wee bit 'spensy. But they are BUTTER!!!
And should you invest in one sick pair of
"perfect for all occasions" situations this season, these girls are IT.
My fellow fashionistas approve.
Find them {here} if you dare...

Besides, I clearly need something to wear on
my next MISadventure.

Stay tuned...