Friday, October 1, 2010

Actively Seeking Spooner.

Relatively attractive, non-psychopathic, quasi age-appropriate dude above 
6 ft. tall.
Duties include: Spooning me, without sweating profusely, until I am in a pleasant slumber.

Hello pretties! 
{Happy Friday}

As you can probably tell, things have been a little slow in man-land this week.  Although it could possibly be due to bestie, Jendel, bunking with me this week while in from LA on a biz trip.  
{see our "engagement picture" below for ref}

Yeah, we love each other.  We moved here together 10 years ago with no job and no apt, to live in the big city. Pretty crazy, huh?  We often refer to each other as "wifey," although this past May, my wifey left me for her Goldie (ie BF) who lives in Venice, CA.  
At least it's an awesome place to visit!

Alas, having Jendel as my bed company this week only reaffirmed the need I've been having for a good, solid spooning. [inner-spoon only, of course]

But just having that serene, peaceful feeling you get when being artfully spooned [oh yes, it is an art] into a perfect night's sleep.  It's so good, it just may have to move up to the top of the priority list.

Fingers crossed for a good weekend...