Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dating Gets Digital.

Hello, friends [and stalkers!]

Hope y'all had a good weekend.  Mine was pretty busy and topped off with a fab fun night with my AA friend, Dbots.  Dbots is a charismatic, fiercely independent chick with a killer fashion sense and wickedly sharp tongue.  We heart each other.
She also has a SICK camera and uncanny knack for taking the most amazeballs pictures.  She usually art directs them to a tee and will delete until satisfied. Please note this one of me out with my actual size LV bag.  Yes, it's ridic, and I'm totes 'cessed with it.

In fact, tonight as we were back at our fave cool yet semi-unknown hang, The Randolph, one of Dbots' friends declared I should cut out one side, replace it with mesh and carry around a hamster in it, ala Miss Hilton.  
"Hamster is the new Chihuahua"  Brillz!

On to dating news...

Recently, some friends persuaded me to go on a dating website, just for a month.  They convinced me that a) it was about time I experience what everyone else out there was doing while I was stuck in MonogamyTown  and b) at least it could make for some good blog material.
I finally gave in.  And now, I have a new name for online dating:
It's strange, because I've lost countless hours of my life to online clothing shopping.  Literally, I will go online to look for ONE thing and the next thing I know, it's 3 hours later, somehow I've spent $300, and I have to pee like it's nobody's business.
PEOPLE SHOPPING is a LOT like that (minus the lost $3 hundy)
It's easily the biggest time sucker I've come across since Facebook.  Even Facebook begins to bore me after I've sufficiently stalked everyone I wanted to cover for that session.
But online dating? It's ENDLESS. Overwhelming.  
It's like the COSTCO of love.  Dating in bulk.  

I already backed out of my football-watching first date with someone today.  It was just too nice out and shopping was too appealing.  But I committed to another one (with another guy) for this wednesday night.  I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, please pray for me to:
-have a good time on them
-find a love connection
-not end up in a ditch somewhere