Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dating Story #8, An addendum.

Howdy from the Lone Star State!
It's been an awesome weekend here, some highlights include:

crazy antics at the Flaming Lips performance 
*note the lead singer crowd-surfing in a giant, inflatable bubble*

Some dirrrty dining at the Texas State Fair:

Behold, a massive corny dog, DEEP FRIED cookie dough, and Big Tex watching me gain 22 lbs in 22 mins.

On to the dating story!
Remember when I wrote about Abe the Jew?
It was in the story with the morale Don't go to Brooklyn.  [Actually, parts of Brooklyn are quite lovely.  Just not the ones with warehouse parties.]  
I digress.
Abe the Jew is the rando I had a drunken mistaken-identity situation with and somehow ended up at his apt in Flatbush.  He was a nice guy though (luckily) and even drove me back to the city.  He asked for my number, and though I tried my best NOT to give it to him, it didn't work.  And I felt bad since he had tolerated my drunken stupidity.  
So, of course, he immediately texted me--on his drive home. And many, many more times thereafter.
txt #1:  "I'm so glad I met you."
[no response from me]
txt #2: "I already miss those freckles."
[no response from me]
3 days later, phone call + voicemail
[no response from me]
2 days later, phone call
[no response from me]
I begin to think he's finally gotten the hint. Then, last saturday night (a week ago)...
txt #3: "Hey Troublemaker, what kind of trouble are you up 
to tonight?"
[no response from me]
Then, last thursday night...
txt #4: "Hey Lindsey, what are you up to tonight?
txt #5: "You want to see me?"
-->um, can we pause a moment to talk about how weird txt #5 was???
Then, Friday afternoon as I'm about to leave for Texas...
txt #6: "Lidsey, I like you a lot and tried to reach you but you never got back to me.  If you don't get back to me I can't call you for a long, long time.
No, really, whaaaaat?
So, I start to feel bad for this poor, pathetically unaware boy and finally text him back a little white lie to let him down easy...
txt #1 (and only): "Sorry, I'm dating someone pretty seriously now, didn't know what 2 say. Was nice mtg you, take care."
txt #7: "Well Lindsey I would like to see you again so get in touch whenever oyu feel like it."
[no response from me]

Lesson:  Whenever possible, DO NOT give out your number to someone you don't like, even out of guilt and/or pity.  You aren't doing anyone a favor.