Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dating Story #9, Is Anyone NOT a Chew Toy???

So, I can already see the biggest benefit thus far in 
You get to find out a dude's age immediately!
No guessing games.
No room for errors.
Sidenote: I also very much enjoy being able to shop for people by what size flatters me best.  Generally I'm a mansize 6'2" or taller, please. Oh, and hold the back hair, thanks. 
[see? it's like ordering at the drive-thru at McDonald's!]

Anyway, that's off-topic.  Last Thursday, I got a new haircut and blowout [pic by Dbots]
and then immediately went outside into a giant deluge (thanks, NYC). Then, I headed to meet up with BFWB and friends at a dive bar near work.  Upon entering, I noticed a cutie in plaid [yes, I like a man in his indie-plaid, scruffy-faced uni. Deal with it.] So I decided to need something at the bar directly next to him.  He took the bait.  That, and we were both the only people singing aloud to The Walkmen's rockin' tune playing on the juke.  I then discovered HE had chosen said song and our mutual indie music appreciation love-fest began.  
We'll call this one Byrdie
Byrdie and I are getting along famously.  We love tons of the same music, he's impressed that I had just been to Austin City Limits, and we're both copywriters who work on health & wellness [aka 'HELLness'] clients.  Score!

Then, this conversation happens:
ME:  "So how long have you been at that ad agency?"
HIM: "About a year and a half."
ME:  "Oh, so where were you before that?"
HIM: "College."
ME [in my head]: "F*ck."

Luckily, turns out he's not 22, like boy-genius surprise-chewy 
6'7 Kevin.
He's 25.
[still, fml!!!]

But, I'm bored.  He's cute.  Easy to talk to. Asks for my digits.
He attempted to meet up with me on Friday night, but things got out of control at a party and the night ended with me helping BFWB "water a potted plant" [aka puke in it], so I really had no time for chewys.  And, I pretty much thought I probs wouldn't contact him.  
UNTIL I realized today that I have 2 tix to see My Morning Jacket tonight and no man-scorts to go with.  Even BFWB is busy!  So, looks like this bitch will be playing with her chew toy on this magical evening.

Needless to say, Byrdie is REAL excited.

Stay tuned for the aftermath, pretties...  

Lesson:  Just assume everyone you meet from now on is a college student/minor/chew toy until otherwise advised.