Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dating Story #16, a lesson in making it happen.

Wow, what a hum-dinger of a weekend!  
[Btw, that's southern speak for "hella good + crazy"]

Last post, I told you about my grand plans to attend the insanity that is the Heineken Inspire Party, a gigundo warehouse party with unlimited free Heineken, food and a line-up of rap and hip-hop artists.  I also told you how I realized it was the perfect opp to have a reason to invite and spend some more quality time with The Streak [aka makin' it happen!].  So I donned my hottest "hip-hop-propriate" outfit and headed out to start my night at approximately 3pm.  (Hey, it gets dark here now at 4pm anyway.) So off I went, accompanied by a fun crew, including BFWB [obvi].  The mood was great and the skunky Heineken was free-flowin.  Yet I was having a hard time discerning whether or not The Streak was into me, or just along for a fun party. Luckily, that's the beauty of having BFWB around.  He is amazing at a) befriending guys and b) getting extremely useful info out of them.  I probably would have figured this out eventually when The Streak started to put his arm around me and, more eventually, planted some nice smooches on me.  But where's the fun in WAITING?? And as far as the smooching, what's more romantic than having a nice make-out sesh during Cee Lo's live performance of the "F*k You" song?  Candlelight? Caviar? Or a 300lb squatty black man singing a song full of expletives? I think we all know the answer here.  Sarcasm aside, we all had a blast and BFWB invited The Streak and I to come 
"...he's an Xbox, and I'm more an Atari..."
with him to a fabulous classy rooftop party some friends of his were throwing.  We fit right in with the classy-ness of the party, as we immediately ambushed the waiter with the tray of sliders and his fellow waiter friend with the tray of truffle fries. Mmmm...classy.

After we had our fill of free food, wine, and sick city views, The Streak and I came back to my apt for some music appreciation and...a lil' slumber party action, complete with some epic spooning.  When we woke up this morning, I dragged him to watch me wolf down some hangover eggs benedict while he only sipped on coffee. [WTF?!] Brunch was a little awky for some reason, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Oh well, on to the next.

Last Sunday, I ran into my awesome friend and ass-kicking trainer, CH, at the swanky [seriously, they have chandeliers!] sports bar that is the Ainsworth.  When I'm not grunting and cursing, our 60 min weekly sessions are otherwise filled with us non-stop dishing about men and dating.  And as we looked around the bar last weekend and noted the ridic abundance of male hotness, we decided we needed to log in many more hours there on football Sundays STAT.  So we met up there this afternoon to hang during the 4 hour window I had before my next activity.  I got there first, so I sidled up to the bar and immediately spotted my newest target, a 6'3 Jimmy Fallon look-alike, who we'll call Jimmy.  So, I made some comment to him and his friend about a stupid play the Jets just made and I was IN.  Jimmy and I proceeded to talk for the next 2.5 hours and I discovered that not only is he tall and adorable, but also smart, funny and AA! In fact, we're the same age!!! And, when CH arrived, Jimmy's hilarious friend fell instantly in love with her.  Couldn't have scripted it better. But alas, the clock struck 7 and I had to run to Brookland to see a friend's performance.  Jimmy decided it was also his exit cue, since he hadn't planned on staying nearly that long [guess that was my fault!], so he walked me out and even decided to escort me 1 stop on the subway. {swoon!}  But as we're on the subway, I'm thinking "ask for my number. ask for my number."  Realizing that his stop is coming up in less than a minute and he's about to drop the ball, I finally turned to him and said "Um, you should probably get my number before you have to get off." He was like "OH!" [Duh] He then whipped out his phone, got the digits and gave me a quick cheek kiss goodbye. And that's what I like to call MAKING IT HAPPEN.  Bam!  
Now, if only I could make him use my number.  But I feel pretty good about it.  I also just love the fact that dating at this age and stage in my life, I have absolutely no shame and fear of rejection.  I wish I could go back and tell my 22-year-old self the brilliance of this attitude. And while I was at it, I'd probably also tell myself to cut back on the Big Macs and hit the gym once in awhile.  Ah well, live and learn, right?

LESSON:  If you want something, don't just sit around and wait for it. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.