Friday, November 5, 2010

My Bizarre Un-love Triangle

Happy FRIDAY, Glamazons!!!!

I've had a very interesting week, to say the least.  It was loaded with concerts, a stomach bug, and bestie Jendel in town staying with me all during it.

An incident occurred whilst at Florence & The Machine at Terminal 5, my worst enemy of a venue.  It's huge, always oversold (therefore always a crowded shite-show), not to mention it's on 56th street and appx 85th avenue. [Read: Far effing west.  Like falling-in-the-Hudson-almost-in-Jerz WEST].  Yet, they get all the best bands. So, like a moron, I keep going. And, Tuesday night was PAAACKED to see Flo and her machines. Also, Flo in her leotard, cape and crown.   
I was with BFWB who said she reminded him of a fairy and My Little Pony.  He was pretty correct.  He was also correct in warning me to not attend this show since my stomach had been killing me for FOUR days.  I figured I could stand still and watch a spectacular show for an hour and survive. I thought wrong.  Cut to me telling BFWB that I needed to leave. Cut to that being my last memory before I woke up on the floor. Of T5. Surrounded by a schmillion people.  Oops.  Thank GOD for BFWB, who is my hero and basically saved my life by making people move so he could get me out of there.  Once out, I was fine, except for my left foot which someone must've stepped on. Who knows.  I'm happy to be alive, happy my parents don't read this blog, and happy my doctor (and x-rays) all say I'm fine.
So...the next night I had tix to see The Duke Spirit, a little-known Brit band I've loved for years, introduced to me by my Ex-hubs who had excellent taste in music [and not much else]. I'm totes 'cessed with their lead singer, Leila Moss.  
Despite the trauma of the night before, I was feeling pretty good (except for my club-foot) and figured this was a small venue, near my apt, so if anything went wrong bad, I could just peace out. As my friend Mitz and I were working our way up closer, I felt good about things. The venue was small, not packed. All seemed well. Until I looked right and saw Champ, my scorned ex-boyfriend that I broke up with this summer. He was a decent distance away, but I could clearly see him.  Which I figured meant he could clearly see ME.  We went through a lot of bad stuff recently, him trying to get answers, him trying to understand things, and him doing a lot of what I like to call "taking a dump in my inbox."  This is when someone writes an emotional monologue of an e-mail and leaves it waiting for you to open like a stinky diaper bomb.  It's neat-o.  Although he had an "epiphany" recently and seems to have mellowed out about things and been nicer.  SO- I decided to shoot him a text so it wouldn't be totally awky in case we actually ended up running into each other on the way out.  I texted him asking if he was at Duke Spirit and playfully wrote "I think I seeee yoooou...."  I watched him receive this message and write me back, yet instead of saying he saw me, to inform me that Ex-hubs was ALSO there. Hot diggitity DAMN!  Hello, Bizarre Un-Love Triangle. How we all ended up at this tiny venue to see this random band may appear random, but actually, we were all there because Ex-hubs introduced me to this band and I introduced Champ. Ex-hubs doesn't usually go out that much, but it would only make sense for him to be there since tickets were $5.  That's about as much as he would deem pretty much anything in life to be worth.  Fun, huh?!  
I could've lingered and watched it all play out, but I decided enough drama had unfolded that week and it was time to Michael Bolt-on outta there.  Bummer too because, as my friend Mitz pointed out, there were tons of cute, AA guys there! 
Aaaaand...forward march onto the next--which will be tonight!  Date with a seemingly hot, tall, former tennis-pro with a German accent.  NBD, right?