Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Updated Update.

Wow, is it just me or have things been slow and magically sucktastic this week?

I heard that Saturn has been to blame for everyone's crankypants-ness.  The good news is that I feel at least 55% less bitchy today!  And, there's other good news:

Okay, I SWEAR every post will not be about my adult-onset acne woes, but I have been somewhat consumed with the horrific state of my skin lately. And this is NOT normal for me!  When I was home for T-givs, I had an a epic undergrounder that was like some kind of plate tectonics.  It was elevated like 15 miles above sea level to the point that I went to ask my sister, Butthead (BH for short), a question she stopped dead in her tracks, pointed at my head, and exclaimed "Holy volcano head!"  I seriously wish I had taken a picture of this. Instead, I made a recreation for you to fully grasp the gravity of the situation.
Yep. Not exaggerating. It was THAT bad.  It was also raised off my head so far I'm convinced it was communicating with some planets in another galaxy.
I digress.
I came to the conclusion that if my face was going to break-out high school style, maybe I needed to fight back high school style.  Unbelievably, it WORKED! Behold, Weapon #1:
And, Weapon #2:

I'm pretty sure they are basically the exactly same thing [salicylic acid], the scrub just has, well, scrubber thingies in it.

Anyway, I've finally reclaimed my face and can actually re-enter the dating world again! I mean clearly men can't know I'm not the picture of perfection so early in the game!  And, as Chris Rock so famously and perfectly said, "When you meet someone, you're not meeting them. You're meeting their representative!"  
So sad. So true.  

I promise I will be back with some good dating stories after the weekend.  I've got TWO lined up already...I'm kind of tired just thinking about it.  Then again, maybe I should consider going to bed before 3am sometimes.  You know it's bad when I'm consistently up later than the flashing neon lights on the Chinese resto across the street from me....