Monday, December 20, 2010

Dating story #24, somebody stop me!

First off, I sometimes wonder if I can even call all of these posts "Dating stories" if they don't actually involve a "date." But I guess since they involve encounters with menfolk, it's probably okay. You don't mind, do you? Great.

Sidenote:  After months of fighting it, I have decided to enter the realm of "the Twitters" [as my mom calls it].  There's a link to it on the blog or you can find me @LinzMisadventur. Holla'

So, on Friday it was apparent to me that if I did not go home and sleep I might end up like this guy my friend saw at a resto:

Poor dude!  But seriously, I was on the road to that. And I had made a vow to myself to stay in Friday night, no matter how hard!  Good thing, too, since I passed out at 8pm trying to write an email.  But I woke up around midnight and couldn't decide what to do. Eat? Sleep? And of course, the txts started rolling in a little bit after that. SoCal txted after the show he went to (as he said he would) to see if I was up.  I could've rallied, but I also want to make it more of a challenge for him.  Force him into ACTUALLY dating me.  Who knew it would be so hard for a girl!  So I told him I was down for the count.  And, I actually took half a Xanex so I could konk out till morning.  But then, Drummer Boy hit me up! He wanted to know if I was out.  I told him the ever-popular "I just got home" story.  He was in my 'hood and asked if I wanted company.  I figured "What could be better? I get to stay in and have the party come to ME!"  Plus, he's fun, not so smart and super hot.  He is perfect for the purpose he serves, so I've decided he's a great guy to have in the current roster. [hee hee!]

Saturday night was PRINCE night! 
I went with BFWB and some other dude friends, and man were we fired up!  We started the night off at Indian resto Milon, which you've probably seen in a movie or two. I had never been and I LOVED it.  There's maybe one SCHMILLION twinkling lights and funky items in there. Kitch-tastic! 
this may cause a black-out someday
And then, it was off to see the tiny purple man! BFWB and I have been talking about this show for MONTHS, so pumped!  Speaking of, here's a cute pic of us taken during last week's holiday hysteria.
aw what a cute un-couple!

After we had our fill of Indian food and LED lights, we headed up to Madison Square Garden for what I can say with certainty was the BEST show I've ever seen. Ever.  Prince, all 5 feet of him, is still insanely good. The songs are timeless. And the fun factor is off the charts. I think my ass may still be in the Garden, because I totally danced it off!  Check out his badass stage!  It lit up in sync with the music. RAD.
Oh, and maybe during his 20 minute rendition of "Purple Rain" he called onto the stage, in no particular order: Jamie Foxx, Naomi Campbell, Whoopi, Alicia Keys, Spike Lee, and Sherri Shepherd, who had earlier that week scared him off the View by her commentMaybe I already bought tickets to his January 18 show. Ahh! 
Earlier in the night, I had a few text-changes with The Brit, who was bartending over at another popular bar called Highlands, sister bar to Mary Queen of Scots, scene of our bday bonanza.
He told me we should come by there later on, so...we did! Lord knows we could've called it a night after Prince, but...well, that's just not how we roll. [sigh]  So we had some fun flirtations and free drinks, courtesy of The Brit. But, BFWB was starving and I was over the bar, so we split. However, The Brit wanted to meet up after his shift. At 3am.  Perhaps I should refresh myself on Dating Story #1 again? Eff.  Alas, The Brit, albeit way too short for me, is adorably fun and cute to hang out with.  Again, not the best kisser, but I'm getting used to this issue.  We'll see what happens, but I really think I may need to scale back a bit. I went from a pretty big drought to...well, last week.  I won't recap it for you, but it's definitely a new record for me!
In other news, SoCal has asked me out on an ACTUAL date for this Thursday, so there is something to look forward to! 
Stay tuned, my pretties...

LESSON:  Slow. Down. Lindsey!