Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dating story #25, It's the most wonderful-est time of the year!

It really IS!  
Well, 'cept for the fact that it's freakin' freezingballz in NYC and I LOATHE winter.  Seriously, my nose has been running for an entire month. Gross.
And, speaking of, I'd like to tell you about one of my biggest fears.  Do any of you ever use the NETI POT?
In case you've never been acquainted, it's this little watering-can thingie that acts as a nasal douche [seriously, I'm not just being vulgar. usually I am, but not right now.]  You put a saline mixture in there and flush your nose out, which is supposed to help your sinuses/allergies.  I have serious sinus issues and a lot of people SWEAR by this thing.
This dude is making it look WAY too fun
I've included this picture, mostly because it's gross, awesome and informative.  
Anyway, I've been using this thing lately and, you wanna know what's really cool?  One day, whilst typing away at work, I leaned over to grab something from my desk drawer and my nose proceeded to POUR WATER OUT LIKE A FAUCET! Literally, it was like someone turned on a hose in my nose.  And we're talking, like, FOUR HOURS after I had nose-douched!  Um, are you KIDDING me? So, I have immediately discontinued use. Can you even imagine if that happened to me on a date???  Maybe there's some guys who are into that sort of thing, but my instincts tell me I better play it safe...

Last night, I meet up with superfun friend S-Bomb in Brookland for a dirrty south rap show. This is her sort of thing and she invited me along. I figured it would definitely be an experience.  The crowd was...interesting. [see: "urban"].  But we danced and had fun, and they even sang [rapped] a few songs I knew by Jay-Z and others.  Who knew rappers did covers?  
Rapper "Bun B"
Pre-show, we met for a drink and a chat and, realizing I was probably not far from The 'Stache, I decided to make him aware of this with a txt.  He wrote right back that he was a block away!  So he stopped in to say hi for a minute, but didn't stay for a drink since he had hot food with him (and is apparently lacking in the microwave dept).  He did, however, tell me to hit him up after the show. And S-bomb confirmed that he is def hot! So, after I had reached my rap capacity, we decided to bust  outta there.  The 'Stache texted that he didn't really feel like leaving his house due to the fact it's COLD AS SH*T right now, but I should join him at his place for a glass of wine.  So the lovely S-bomb walked me over there since Brookland is huge, scary and confusing with large parks that undoubtedly have Bloods and Crips hiding in them, waiting to score another tear tattoo on their face. I really love her for doing this, especially since it was ridic cold last night! But it was also definitely worth it for her, as we came upon this photo opp: 
So The 'Stache and I had a cozy night in and I have to say, he's pretty interesting.  Not exactly sure how I feel about him, oh- and I think he's 28, just hovering on the top of the chewy scale.  And, speaking of, The Chef was also blowing up my bberry last night!  Homeboy really wants to hang out and, even though he was working at the restaurant last night, he said it was "A slow night. Quite boring. Maybe if there was someone at the bar that I could periodically check up on..."  Aw! He's cute. [and 25]. But it could be worth a shot, right?  
Good morning, NYC!
Anyway, I was really not happy waking up at 7:30a and realizing I was still in Brookland. So I decided to leave without waking The 'Stache [he could learn a thing or two about a stealth escape!] Sigh...nothin' like doing 
the walk/drive of shame home. From another city. In fishnets.  

In other news, I have a REAL, actual date tonight with SoCal. As in made plans in advance, real date.  He had also said when we made the date that he wanted to do something "fun and different, not just drinks." So I'm super intrigued by this.  Got a message from him this morning that said "Meet me at the Standard at 8pm. Sexy, casual, comfy warm attire."  CRAP! 
I had been brainstorming date wardrobe all week and had decided on sexy stockings, cute black dress and high boots. Now THIS??  I have already consulted with 3 top fellow fashionista friends this morning and I think we've netted out on: Skinny jeans, high boots (but lower heel), sexy top and sweater or cardigan. I am DYING to know what we will be doing! And, if it involves being any kind of cold for a period of 20 minutes or longer, I'm ending this date early.  BFWB told me to relax and try not to judge before I even go.  Good boy advice. I don't think of myself as a "control freak" but just someone who generally likes to be in-charge. Hmm...maybe those ARE the same thing?  
Wish me luck, lovelies!  Details to come [obvi!].  And I will leave you with this message I found in my new Benefit eyeshadow box:
words to live by