Friday, December 24, 2010

Dating story #26, ice ice baby.

Last night was the greatly anticipated date with SoCal!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, he had messaged me to be at the Standard hotel at 8p, "sexy warm comfy casual attire."  This was a major fashion curveball thrown at my plans for a fun, flirty, sexy dress and stockings and it somewhat stressed me out for a good hour yesterday.  Why? I really have no idea.  I guess the pressure and anticipation of the all-too-rare ACTUAL date must've gotten to me!  Plus, it meant I couldn't abide by my tried and true motto for date-wear:
When in doubt, legs out!
But the legs were clearly staying IN last night, after reading the word "WARM" with extreme trepidation. See, I'm a Texas girl. I like warmth. In fact, I like to say I'm "In season" during the summertime, you know, like fruit. Or flowers.  But, I finally decided on an acceptable cute/sexy jeans and boots outfit situation and felt ok. UNTIL.... about 6pm.  This is the moment when I realized, once and for all, I can NEVER, EVER again eat Cilf Bars. Apparently these delicious and satisfying snack bars are the equivalent of gastrointestinal NAPALM to my stomach.  And, well... KA-BOOM!  Disaster struck about an hour before I was suppose to leave for my date.  I'm talking SERIOUS "issues" accompanied with needing to be in the fetal position in my bed to feel any kind of okay.  So, I texted SoCal a casual note saying I was dealing with a "situation to be explained later" and could I please delay our date an hour and a half?  He was cool about it and very patient with me, which is always a good sign. Another good sign?  God BLESS this stuff!  I mean, I probably won't go again until 2011, but it totally saved my ass last night [pun INTENDED!].  *Sorry if you think this is TMI or crossing the line, but this is just real life, people, and that's what I report.  I'm also Jewish and we, for reasons unknown, live for discussing our bowels.*  

Anyway, about an hour and a half later I was finally okay [I prayed!] to leave the house. Funny how I no longer even cared about my outfit!  So I bundled up and went on my way to the Standard wondering what the hell we'd be doing in 28 degree weather. I didn't have to wait long to find out as my taxi pulled up front and I exclaimed "OH HOLY SH*T!!!" 
It seems as if our dear Standard has installed a freakin' ICE SKATING RINK this winter. I stopped at that point to ponder if the universe was trying to play a cruel joke on me.  But then I reminded myself that a super cute guy had gone the extra mile to plan a super cute date for me.  That talk went like this: "SUCK IT UP, LINDSEY!!!"  And so, I did.  Luckily we started with a cocktail to try to warm up our insides before going outside.  And I was also confident in the knowledge that SoCal is from California and doesn't like winter either.  
Fortunately he DID like my outfit and made a point of saying so. I ADORE a man who can give a good compliment.  It makes all that spackling, teasing and glossing well worthwhile.  And we had a lovely time ice-skating-- all 15 minutes of it!  But it was still a really cute date experience and we followed it with a nice hot toddy.  We were both ready to leave the Standard and SoCal invited me back to his place for a glass of wine and to meet his dog, Otis.  I agreed but told [myself] that I was DEFINITELY not staying the night or, if I did, I was going to "behave."  Yeah...NONE of that happened. Oopsie!  But let me just say, even though I'm a Jew, I had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS last night. And I figured, after all, it was [kind of] our 3rd date, so why not let SoCal Deck my Halls and Jingle Bell Rock me?  'Tis the season, right? Don't judge. 

AND...he's already texted that he had a great time and wants to see me before I leave for LA tomorrow. Weee!  
Hope you all have a happy happy + merry merry holiday!