Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dating Story #28, back in the saddle

Well, we're back.
It's a new year.
Here we go....

So, as I've mentioned, I was eager to get back from my West Coast adventure and resume dating shenanigans.  I was also curious to see who would still be in the picture and who might put me in the "out of sight, out of mind" bin.  Luckily, everyone [that matters] seems to be somewhat in tact.  
Heard from SoCal  sunday night (via text, obvi), and it seemed like he was just checking in.  Then, Monday while I was at work, he asked if I had plans that night.  I told him I had rehearsal up in his [awful] 'hood until about 9:30 but could meet up after.  He then invited me over for "a glass of wine and a movie."  Against my better judgement [do I even posses better judgement?], I agreed.  Why, better judgement, you ask?  Well, even though I've hung out/slept over at his apt before, it was after a "real" date.  I don't really want to be setting this "just come over and hang out" precedent yet, it's still too early in the game. However, I was still exhausted from the holiday/travel and didn't really want to do more than chill at a guy's apt, but still-- this dating thing takes strategy with the ones [like him] that actually have potential, so I don't want to screw it up.  Too late.  I went over there after rehearsal and there was no movie and not really any wine until I said I was thirsty and then he offered it up.  We basically just cuddled on his ginormous couch and watched "Eastbound and Down." Now, this IS one of my favorite shows, but still.  Too easy, SoCal.  Too easy.  And, I made sure to tell him that too!  As in, appreciate this because you're not off the "taking me out on actual dates" hook yet.  I kind of feel like all he really wants is a human girl pillow.  Sure, he's a great cuddler.  But, as a friend and I have just diagnosed, he's a "PREMATURE CUDDLER." Granted, that's definitely better than being "premature" in other departments [ugggh], but I digress.  It's just too early to be having dates like this, where we really don't talk and get to know each other better. OH- also, his iPhone was blowing up the whole time I was over there.  Tres annoying! I'm sure, since he's a guy, he's probably serial dating right now, and that's fine.  Just try to be in the moment, dude, ok?!  Anyway, he's going away this weekend to snowboard, so we'll see how he keeps up before/after the trip.
On to last night....
Sunday night, The Chef told me he had Tues and Weds night off if I'd like to get a drink. I said Tuesday was better for me and that was that.  He's also texted me some other cute/funny stuff in the meantime, but never overdoes it which I like.  So, yesterday towards the end of the day, I waited for the txt about plans.  They didn't come.  So I shot him a text that had nothing to do with plans, but something funny in response to our previous night's text-change.  And we went back and forth for awhile, with him even asking "how's work?" and me replying "Almost over."  NOTHING. Ugggh. This is where his age [or lack thereof] starts to show.  But I sure as hell was not going to mention it until he asked. So I went to the gym with Sexy Sue and he continued to text me.  Finally, at about 7:15p he texted "Got any plans for tonight?" 
Dumb. Ass!  
My response? "Hmm...well, I thought I was supposed to have drinks with a tall, blonde culinary expert-type guy, but maybe I got confused...?"  
I guess he didn't realize that it was confirmed.  I'm not quite sure what about "I'm avail for drinks Tuesday night" was unclear, but oookeeeey.  
We decided to meet up at my favorite, Meatball Shop.  I mean how could you NOT die over these baby meatball sliders? I. Die.  
So while I was primping (ie. spackling the tired out of my face), The Streak and I were having a text-fest.  I finally decided I was annoyed/bored/over this. told me you thought I "was pretty" and you'd "like to 'see' me..."  Um, a little less text a lot more ACTION, buddy!  So I wrote him "I'm so glad we're pen pals."  I think he finally got the message.  We'll see what he does next, but I've found that to be a very effective way to convey that point, in case you're finding yourself in the same predicament.
So The Chef and I had a really good time out. He's funny, smart, interesting and easy to talk to. But I can definitely see his chewy-ness in his lack of game, in terms of making a move on me.  This is kind of odd when you've already smooched, etc, but SoCal is kinda the same way.  So, it appears my motto from 2010 carries over to 2011:  
Man UP!
But he's a total sweetheart and seems to really like me, and I really like his cooking, so we'll keep him around for awhile. 
And, even though I've had the day from the dark side of HELL, I am meeting another guy from online out for drinks because it's the only way I can get him to stop harassing me.  I kinda hope I pass out at the table.  Is that wrong?

LESSON:  Maybe less IS more?  3 days in and I'm already exhausted, which is already violating my overly-ambitious New Year's resolutions.  Oopsie.