Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dating story #29 & 30, when it rains, it MONSOONS.

Hello, my name is Lindsey, and I'm a dating machine.
In talking to a friend the other night, I suddenly realized I had gone out 4 nights in a row last week-- with FOUR different guys! 

WHO. AM. I???

I am honestly so overwhelmed by this, but at the same time, it's FUN AS HELL...
Want to hear the stories, but worried you may not be able to keep track? Me too. So I made this crude, handy-dandy Line-Up Flowchart:

Helpful, no?  Ok, so [as pointed out to me] it's more of a "hierarchy/ranking," but "Flowchart" just sounds so much more important and official.  
I already blogged about my night with SoCal Monday night and my time with The Chef Tuesday night. 
So let's pick right up with Wednesday night, shall we?  That night brought a new member to the Line-Up, Almost Doc.  This newby is a Match guy I've been talking to on and off for awhile. A little on the young side (28) but tall, very cute, Jewish {cue parental excitement}, and about to begin his medical residency {cue MORE parental excitement.}  Seems like the whole package plus very confident and has actually called me [a rarity] several times. But, in a text-change we were having during my trip to LA, Almost Doc decided to cross the line with an inappropriate question of the sexual nature. It wasn't that bad, but it was still way too early to talk like that and enough to make me say "Done!"  So, I chewed him out [over text] and prepared to go on my merry way.  But he then called several times and and sent a profusely apologetic note to me about his inappropriateness and asked if I'd give him another chance and "just one drink"-- what could it hurt?  I believe in second chances, especially when a man actually apologizes, so I went for it on Wednesday night, after quite possibly the worst day EVER at work. EVER.
And, I was pleasantly surprised.  Almost Doc was even cuter in person and amazingly confident, not to mention FULL of compliments for me.  He kept reaching for my hand, kissing it, and telling me I was "stunningly beautiful" and better looking than my pictures.  WOW.  Can't say that stuff wasn't all nice n' flattering n' warm fuzzy inside!  
The bar (which is, incidentally, the bar I pretty much suggest ALL my first dates/meetings go to and I'm wondering if the staff there has figured that out yet) has a pool table and Almost Doc challenged me to a game. But, he made stakes.  If he won, I had to give him a kiss.  If I won, he'd have to buy me another drink.  So we played....and, I won! Yeah, I'm kind of a badass. Oh, and he also scratched on the 8 ball. He was SO upset!  It was hysterical and kind of adorable.  So I let him have a second chance.  I came very close to beating him again, but alas, he finally won. And collected immediately! Not a bad smoocher too [FINALLY!].
All in all, a surprisingly fun date that ended with a big, wet one and an agreement to go on another. 

Thursday was the fabulous D-bot's bday happy hour [Happy Birthday, Debsy!] at our fave, The Randy. D-bot and I decided to make an impromptu dance floor, and then her totally 'dorbs friend, G-love, continued to try to talk me into dating him, even though he's barely 5'8" and I could snap him like a twig.  He did his best to sell me on his curly hair making him at least 3" taller during humid summer months and we agreed to revisit the topic in mid-July. 
"I can be taller, I just need to try harder."

Then, off to meet bestie Jendel,in town for a brief work visit, and bestie Rayza. We had a lovely dinner at one of my fave's in the hood, Peasant, and I patted myself on the back for actually having an early(ish) night at home and rewarded myself with an amazebutt episode of "The Millionaire Matchmaker." Do you watch? I hope so. For your sake.
And then, just after midnight....The Streak struck. He texted that I should tell him a story, to his face, at a nearby bar.  On one hand, I knew I could really use a night in.  On the other hand, I've been trying to get The Streak to text less and see me in person more. 
Guess which hand I picked?
Right.  The hand that has you walking to the LES just before 1am on a Thursday night.  
But, we had a freaking blast.  The Streak is really good-looking, in a totally unique way. Plus, absolutely HILARIOUS, smart and not shy at all. Case in point?  The couple standing right behind me at the bar was having a serious makeout session SO close to me, I felt like I was almost having it with them. 
threesome, anyone?
The Streak then started raucously cheering for them ["GO, YOU GUYS!!!"] and also used my extremely bright flash camera to take a picture of them.  [For the record, they didn't notice any of these shenanigans], but I almost fell off my barstool laughing. Damn, he's fun.  We later adjourned to Casa Linds for some more laughs and, more importantly, sleep. After, of course, The Streak decided to CHEW ON MY TOES.  Not because he found it erotic, just because he thinks they are funny and have no meat on them and knows it's absolute TOE TORTURE for me!  And even crazier? I like this!  I need someone fun, crazy, spontaneous and smart.  Sure, his body is a little on the...squishy...side, but his face is pretty. And he likes to tell me a lot how pretty I am. {swoon!}

I have another story from Saturday night involving Almost Doc but this post is already getting a wee-bit long (I'm sure you were riveted the whole time and never noticed), plus it's post 2am and I'm beat. At least I'm doing reeeaaally well on my resolutions thus far. [please note heavy sarcasm]

Night night, pretties! See ya soon...