Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dating story #33, ...and when it pours, it snows.

-Monday's dinner party: delightful.
-Yesterday at work: painful. 
Oh so utterly, totally, hungoverly painful.  But that's what you get.  So imagine my delight at the prospect of a snow day off of work, due to the impending "Snowpocalypse"/"Snomageddon" the news was hyping to the max.  Ah, what I'd do for a nice, free, middle-of-the-week day of rest.  But of course, no guarantees with a snow day. And our agency doesn't let us know until the day of if we're shutting down.  But based on all the talk, I figured it was a lock.  And even thought my eyeballs felt like 10lb dumbbells, I staying up sofa surfing until pretty late.  The Chef texted me around 11pm asking if my work was cancelled yet.  I decided I'd rather not even respond because I was afraid of the can of worms it might open.  So I declared [to myself] "I'm asleep!" and didn't write back.  Hey, I could be asleep at 11pm.  I never am, but The Chef need not know this info.
So I continued to be couch roadkill until I finally peeled myself off and into bed around 1am.  Around 1:30a I went to the bathroom and, upon returning, saw my phone's light flashing.  I checked it--
The Chef: "For real, if you're awake I could seriously use a place to crash."
Faaahk!  I looked outside and noticed the white, snow duvet that had blanketed the city. And, homeboy lives in Queens, aka "place I'm never sleeping." Ahhh!  What to do?  I was totally torn between a) wanting to be alone b) wanting to put some space between us so he doesn't think we're BF/GF c) not wanting for feel like a mega-bitch for leaving a poor little sweet boy who likes me LITERALLY out in the cold.  
Yes, I chose c.  UGH I hate being nice sometimes.
So I gave him the greenlight. He didn't make it to my apt until around 2:30, and he was pretty darn drunky drunk.  Ah, the service industry. Vampire hours, endless free booze, no health insurance [I just learned that], and of course there's the whole not being able to go to that establishment ever again after you stop seeing each other.  {moment of silence for my loss of 'inoteca}. 
Luckily he didn't try any shenanigans in bed and just cuddled his freezing self up to me to sleep.  Within minutes, he was snoring. Within minutes, I was uncomfortable yet stuck in that position for hours.  So, yeah. Overall awesomeness and double rainbows all around!
My one saving grace?  I thought "well, at least he can cook me a delicious breakfast!"
Did that happen?
No. He sat on my couch, like a worthless hungover pile of man.  
AND, to make matters EVEN better for me, the abominable snowman did NOT hit nyc as hard as expected last night and work was on. Here is a picture of me, super-psyched to be walking to work.  And speaking of that walk, I dropped The Chef off at the subway on the way there, just in
Hooray for work!
time to avoid getting roped into helping him find/buy a new pair of boots. UM, that's GF work, buddy. And I ain't nobody's GF right now, except for maybe my bed's. Man, I love that thing! 
I really think I'm going to have to deal with The Chef head on and just be honest about the fact that we're not BF/GF [in case he thinks I'm going to prom with him] and that the age thing {read: maturity} is a bigger issue than I'd realized.  Here's another handy dandy infographic to help: 

We'll have to see if he's getting the message or if I'm going to have to {politely} scream it into his 25-year-old eardrums.  

At least I have some fun things over the weekend to look forward to, including:
-Friday night date with a new guy who, through mutual friends, stalked me on Facebook and got me to agree to go out with him. [Mostly I agreed because he looks hot in his pics and mutual friends confirmed he was not only hot but tall and with a chiseled athlete's body. Me-OW.
-Sunday afternoon football watching date with Almost Doc, which will probably be his last, seeing as when he asked me out for Friday (and then) Saturday and I told him I had "plans," he instantly asked me what I was doing, why couldn't I go then, and did I have other dates.  
I told him to mind his own beeswax and stop being so nosy. Seriously???
Please promptly go out and acquire:
1) Manners
2) Tact
3) a Filter

This should be interesting....