Friday, January 21, 2011

MANdate: Leaving some crazy behind.

Ready for a quickie? 
[I mean a quick update. Gutter-minds!]

Well, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my job can often have its perks.  For instance, having this as your view:
Or, running along the beach with this as your backdrop:
Especially when all your friends and fave peeps are dealing with the frozen tundra that is currently NYC.  Yep, I'm pretty much ELATED right now.

'member how the night before I left I was supposed to have a date with SoCal, but had a feeling he was going to flake?  I should really be a psychic.
I waited and waited for him to reach out first, mostly out of principal, but finally reached my limit where I also wanted to plan my night. So I texted him.  But he had actually responded to something I wrote him on FB about a band he saw at the exact same time.  He said he was definitely getting sick and hadn't gone to work that day, and didn't want to get me sick before my trip.  Fine, fine.  But, as MIM pointed out, "Um...even sick people can tell people they're sick and not making plans for the eve." Touché!  This suitor is not really measuring up so far.  So why do I even care?  I'll get back to you when I figure that confusion out.  He did ask when I was returning and if he could see me then.  I decided to bust out a can o' honesty on him:
ME:  "Back end of next week you even WANT to hang again? Seriously, I like honesty."
SoCal: "Yes, I do, SERIOUSLY."
Okaaay...all evidence to the semi-contrary, but it's nice to get a straight answer and also give someone an out.  Maybe by the time I return, he'll have sampled the entire 99 cent menu and be ready to start dealing with some lobster [aka ME.]
So I figured I'd have a nice night to myself, drink a little wine and enjoy one of the SAG movie screeners that had so thoughtfully showed up in my mailbox.  Of course, Almost Doc called 3x to see if I "wanted to see him," to which I responded a) wrong question. Here's what you say: "Lindsey, I'd like to see you before you leave town." b) no thanks, I'm tired and have to pack.  Ugh.  He maybe also called me at 6:40a LA time this morning.  Luckily, I always mute my phone out here for reasons just like this.  But I did send him an email reminding him that I'm 3 hours behind and maybe I also implied that he woke me up.  Wow.  "Not really that interested" has quickly turned to "kind of loathe" with this one. I was hoping it would just kind of fizzle out during this trip, but I can see I'm going to have to take some kind of action here.  Advice??

In lieu of douche-canoe Almost Doc visiting, the Chef had reached out to see if he could bid me "fairwell."  I told him he could bid me "farewell" if he wanted, but I was drinking wine and watching The Social Network and had no plans to stop even if he came over.  He was [obvs] fine with this, and in typical Vampire Chef style, didn't make it over till about 12a anyway.  He DID actually dole out his first compliment about my appearance, which was refreshing.  We talked about my trip and he asked how long I would be gone for.  I told him and then he answered:
the Chef:  "Man, what am I gonna do without you here ALL weekend?"
to which I thoughtlessly replied [out loud]
ME: "Um, do we really even hang out that often?" 
Whoopsie! Maybe that didn't sound so nice?  But now that it appears that I am probs the only chick in his life currently, I'm thinking I may need to manage some expectations here.  As in, you're barely 25, I'm over 30. 
You work in a restaurant and stay up all night, I work during the daytime and only stay up half the night [due to insomnia and idiocy]. 
I think you're a fun guy to randomly hang out with, You maybe think I'm your betrothed. 
You most likely had whooping cough and didn't see a doctor since you have no health insurance, I have health insurance and see a doctor if I get a hangnail.
Aw I need help with TWO let-downs!  Faaaaahk.

Well, I'll have to think about that later. Off to take a disco nap before heading out. Hope you have a fantabulous weekend, pretty pretties!