Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MANdate, west coast activity.

Well, in true LA style, I've been trying to detox.  
But in my case, it hasn't really been a Blueprint kind of thing, although I HAVE done a lot more working out and eating quasi-healthier. Something about this place just makes me want to, as opposed to winter in NYC which makes me want to stuff my face with as many hot, fried and tomato-y carbs as I possibly can.  Um...why haven't I moved out here yet?

Anyway, I've actually been attempting to Man-tox while out here.  You know, clear my head a bit and not be consumed by things.  And it's been pretty good so far!
I'm obsessed with the sunsets from my room.
Bestie Jendel and I did the Mount Hollywood hike over the weekend.  
I swear we were closer than this! Dumb camera phone makes things look farther away.

But alas, there has been a bit of Man-tivity going on, so let's get to it, shall we?

Almost Doc Calls FREQUENTLY. Never leaves a message.  Finally sent me a text today that said "Whats up?"  No wait- actually, it said "Whqts up."  I wrote back I was working. He txted back "Hows it foing."  
REALLY?  You can't take an extra 1 second to make sure your 2-3 word comm to me isn't typo'd and stupid?  UGH.  I need to eliminate him, I know, I know.  But I don't feel like it's right to suddenly up and do it from LA. Right? Bleeegh. [that's me, not wanting to deal.]

 If you recall, after SoCal bailed on our date before he left because he was sick, I challenged him to see if he really even cared about seeing me again, and he said that he did.  So I figured we'd see when I return.  
This past saturday, I woke up to a text from him "Hey sunshine, when do you get back from LA? I'm actually going to be there Thursday."
I informed him I was leaving Friday, and he was excited about the overlap.  Turns out, he is going snowboarding in Mammoth this Friday and, when I asked where he was staying Thurs night, he said he'd probably be couch surfing.  So, being the nice (and, ok, somewhat-in-need-of-some spooning) girl I am, I told him he was welcome to stay at my hotel with me that night.  I mean, we have had several slumber parties before, so it's not a huge deal.  He was very excited about this idea [duh. I mean, couch-tasticness or ME + a luxury hotel. yeah.] So as far as I know, that's what's going down on Thursday night. Funny, we can't seem to meet up for a date in NYC where we BOTH LIVE, but looks like we're going to have a small, random getaway in LA.
Oh, I also sent him this picture of my "hard" workday yesterday, with the caption "hope you're enjoying those 7 degrees."
He quickly wrote back "mmmm....I want to see up higher on those sexy legs!"  Interesting how a text with a slight pic of a body part [I mean it's FEET. EW.] can illicit a 2 min later reply text.  Otherwise, I usually get them in 24 hour stretches. Tres uncool, btw.  I'm gonna have to let homeboy know about that too if the right moment arises.  No more of this! Nobody texts Baby in the corner!!  hmm...not sure that modern adaptation worked? [just pretend it did and keep reading]

Ah, the Chef. Ya know, I've kinda missed him a little!  At least he LIKES me, doesn't overwhelm me with calls/texts, and he's yet to ask me about how long I "shed" for on my cycle, so he's got that going for him too. It's the little things...  And, although I was just kidding about that, I would like to take this moment to say that the Chef has nothing to do with "little things." Yes, I mean what you think I mean. W-O-W.  
Maybe I texted him the same beach pic for efficiency and quality control purposes.  He wrote [in the middle of the vampire nighttime] that I should bring that warmth back and hurry because it's Restaurant Week.  I said that was a good idea since he owes me a dinner [it's true. he does], so he said early next week.  And, I've decided to hold out for a "real" date in Datesville with him, instead of just settling for Meet-up town, USA.

 Someone asked the other day "What happened to The Streak?"  EXCELLENT question, reader.  The fact is, nothing has happened to or WITH the Streak except for some extreme pen-pal action.  Lots of twittering, Facebook commenting and G-chatting, but that's mostly it.  Wow, just reading all those things I wrote about my comm with him made me step back and say "Oooh this is SO not an adult relationship."  Yeah, that's a maj bummer since I think he's mad hilarious and smart.  Even though he claims to really like me, I just haven't seen the effort or any action for that matter, so that's pretty much where we're at.  He was actually up for editing the job I'm out here in LA shooting but it ended up going to another editor. Now THAT could have made for some excellent stories here!  Oh well.  You win some, you...get only non-verbal comm.  Yipee skippy.

El Señor?  No bueno.  No call-o or text-o.  Thinkin' it's dunzo.

Drummer Boy:  BACK from dormancy!  MIM was right- they DO always come
back. In this case, color me mega-surprized to hear from him in a random text the night before I left (figures.) He's a musician, hot, great body and dumb as drumsticks.  But still not a bad one to keep around in the Line-up.

Ok, that's it for now because my confused eyelids are