Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 3: When You Date

Part 3

When You Date

- “Dating” or “Talking”

o Boundaries

§ Know ahead of time and write them down!!

· Ex: I won’t kiss a guy I’m not dating, never hang out alone-temptation, no-no square rules

§ Early on let him know your boundaries

· I will not go any further than holding hands.

§ Pray for strength

§ Group dating makes keeping these boundaries a LOT easier!

o Accountability

§ Have a mentor, or close Christian friend that will help keep you accountable.

o Stick to your standards

§ If he turns out to be anything less, move on before either of you gets emotionally attached. Unless of course you enjoy getting hurt.

§ Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom.

· Isaiah 11:2 -pray this for wisdom

- Being in a relationship

o Let God lead

§ Pray continuously!! 1 Thessalonians 5:17

§ Stay in the word. Do your quiet times consistently.

§ Stay in his will—HE is the center of your life, not your man!!!

o Let him lead

§ Spiritually- you should know this before you agree to go out with him.


· To ask you out, to say he likes you, etc.

§ Girls DO NOT CHASE!!

· We weren’t made for it.

· They value stuff they chase more.

· We actually want to be chased.

o Princess/knight, attention, etc.

· It’s a turn off to most guys.

o Priorities

§ Faith

§ Family

§ Friends

All of the above were here first. You need both, not just him.

Don’t lose your friends/family/faith over a guy, because when you lose the guy you will have nothing.

§ Guys