Friday, February 25, 2011

Joyce Meyers: Loving Yourself

This video kind of goes along with the identity message from yesterday. In this clip, Joyce Meyers speaks about how important it is to love yourself. God created every part of you and he loves you fully and completely just as you are. Check out Psalms 139 and he will prove it!

I hope you all enjoyed her message. I always have a better understanding of the truth after I listen to her. Joyce actually has a show that comes on the Inspirational channel (channel 33 in Frederick and Altus.) "Enjoying Everyday Life" is the name of her program, I think it kinda just comes on at random times throughout the day, I always find her when I'm flipping channels, so you might check her out!

Also going along with this subject is a wonderful song by J.J. Heller. This song is talking about how God loves us for who we are. He doesn't care about who we used to be or the decisions we made in the past. He loves us. He wants to show his love to us through our every move too--we just have to be open to letting him guide us and use us.
A lot of times we look for our parents, friends, boyfriends, etc. to show us the true meaning of love. But the truth is true love can only come from God. (1 John 4:8) God is love.

So think about these 2 videos today. What did you learn? What can you change about your attitude or lifestyle? How can you make yourself more open to receiving God's love?