Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lustin' with David

Hey gals!

I just finished my quiet time and was reading about David and Bathsheba and then Amnon and Tamar. I didn't know the story of Amnon and Tamar until today, but it was very interesting. In case you are unfamiliar with either of these stories, I will give you a brief summary as well as a reference so you can look them up if you want. :)

The story of David and Bathsheba is one that shows how horrible it is when lust controls us. David first stays home from war instead of being where he was supposed to be, which was the first step in the wrong direction. Then as he is standing in his kingdom, he looks out and sees a beautiful woman bathing (naked of course,) on the roof. He is immediately filled with lust (an unhealthy fleshly craving or desire.) He then immediately calls his servants to tell her to come to him. (BAD MOVE!) When you're tempted to do something, you should run in the opposite direction, not step closer to it. David purposely went after what he knew was wrong, just like we do a lot of times. Wise people think about stuff before they act on their feelings.

Anyways, so Bathsheba comes over and the king obviously gets his way by sleeping with her. (And I'm sure he just felt so much better, and everything was wonderful after that. He got that desire out of his system and now he can go on living his life as a man after God's own heart and a leader for the nation right?) Wrong, David then learned Bathsheba was pregnant, oh by the way, her husband has been away at war during all of this so there is no doubt it is not David's kid.

This is the part where David says, "dang, i just wanted some booty, i don't want to get involved with a woman like this." Okay, okay so it wasn't exactly like that..but I'm sure he was thinking something very similar!! So what is this 'man of God' going to do? Confess his sins, and repent!! Nope. He lies some more. He tries to get her husband to come home and sleep with her to cover it up, but her husband refuses..sooo he just kills him. Yup, just like problem.

Do you see how lust can ruin things? I'm sure ya'll haven't been involved in a scenario quite this intense, but I know many present day stories who aren't far from this one. Lust is a crazy dangerous thing. It seems like fun, it seems like you want it real, real bad...but once you get what you want, you aren't completely satisfied. Yes you may 'feel better' for a few minutes afterward, but does that really make you feel better about yourself? Does that help you fill that hole in your heart the size of the ocean? No. Because that's not what lust does, that's not the way God designed us. Physical gratification is selfish, even if both parts agree, they are both in it for selfish reasons. I don't care what lines your boyfriend is using on you, he just wants it for himself.

Because I know ya'll aren't trying to read a novel, I will stop at this point. Come back tomorrow and check out the story of Amnon and Tamar! If you thought David's lust was bad, wait till you hear about this.

P.S. David and Bathsheba's 'romance' can be found in 2 Samuel chapter 11.