Friday, February 25, 2011

MANdate, Cold and Uninspired.

wow, my last post was a WEEK ago?
Generally, when this occurs, it's either because I'm busy or bored.
in this case, i'm busybored. BLAH.

Has stuff been going on? 
Is any of it interesting to me?

But I'll let you be the judge.  
I have definitely been busy all week, with my new roommie for a few days.
Stella is MIM's precious little nugget and, I have to say, pretty stinkin' cute.  If she didn't bark at my neighbor's every breath, I may have nugget-napped her. In her defense, my neighbors move around A LOT.
Stella was basically my date all week.  She showed me that anyone can be affected by winter's static bad
 hair-ness. She also was there to help advise me in my makeup choices.  So necessary, I highly recommend her.

So what's new in man-land?
Well, after my quasi break-through date with SoCal last week, I was feeling pretty positive about things.
How dumb of me.
After our great time weds night, I had started to feel more like he was just busy/overwhelmed and maybe not as serial dating as I had suspected. 
We texted on Thursday night, as we were both at the Interpol show @ Radio City Music Hall.  I also happen to know that he was with his cousin, not a date at that show.  We didn't end up meeting up and, we wouldn't have anyway since Lindsey decided to drink Redbull+Vodka [ie fizzy urine-crack] and had to make it an early night. UGH. VIM.
But it was cool that we had that shared experience and texted about it.
Wanna know what was NOT cool? [aside from redbullvodkabarf]-- Radio City Music Hall holds about 1,000 people or so. And who do I see within SECONDS of walking in? My ex-boyfriend, Champ. I think the universe is playing a cruel joke on me.  First off, I think I see him at least once a day, due to Champ has a very common look (tall, dark hair, beard, hipster-y) and I get a few Champ fake-outs a day.  So seeing the real thing was definitely a surprise.  Even worse, I really wished I could just go up and say hi to him. But, I refrained for fear of ruining his night and/or causing him to break into tears in front of friends.  Seriously- I have no idea where his head's at, but I'm pretty sure it still HATES my ass.
Anyway, back to SoCal.
I mentioned in my last post that I wrote him a cute, funny note on FB on Friday. And, he NEVER. WROTE. BACK.  
I find this odd because he always responds.  And, people have also not always received FB messages from me before. But still-- I'm perplexed.
This also sucked because I had another one of those awesome Supperclub parties to attend Monday night and I had bought a ticket for a date.  I had originally asked The Streak, but he had politely declined for fear his upcoming, wild weekend would cause him to bail last minute and he didn't want to do that to me. [again].
So, SoCal was obvi next in line.  But now with the no FB response...F*CK.
I decided to wait a few days and shoot a casual "oh, hey just got this last minute invite..." kind of text to him late sunday afternoon.  He wrote me back: "Aww, sounds so fun but I already have plans. Shit."
[really? other people have plans on a MONDAY night?]
two seconds later I got:
"White Rabbits @ Bowery on Saturday?"
Okay, so he's inviting me to see another show with him. Which I love. But it's all just so confusing!
So I wrote back "No worries about dinner. Saturday sounds awesome. I'm in."
No confirmation text back! Like "ok cool." or "Great see you then."  And, of course, I haven't heard from him since.  So, as much as I'd like to confirm those plans and if they do, in fact, still exist, I am going to follow BFWB's advice and just wait it out.  [actually, his advice was "F*ck 'em. Do something else."] But I'm choosing my own interpretation.  
I'm getting really bored and sick of this whole thing.  I mean who goes on like 6-7 dates with someone over a TWO MONTH PERIOD???  
I'm seriously considering changing his name to Mr. Sporadical.

TJ's Supperclub on monday, however was an AMAZING time and I had the most gorgeous date:
El Menu
my good friend, Sexy Sue. We had a blast and the food was even more ridic than last time. Here's some pics of our Flamenco-themed evening, complete with Flamenco music and dancing!
Best. Ceviche. Of. Life.
And let me explain the star course (in my opinion). My picture is not doing it any justice.  Let's just say it was something to the effect of a fois gras ravioli in butternut squash puree with a perfectly crisp, honeyed piece of BACON on top and some pepitas. 
Are. You. Kidding???!!  
It rocked my world so hard I had to check where I was when I was done.
my new lover.

So, as you can see, I haven't been at home sitting on my couch.  But still, I'm feeling uninspired and unfulfilled. I guess I'm finally at the point where all this crazy dating stuff is less of an adventure (or MISadventure), and more of a "what's the point these guys are weird and boring and bad kissers and I'm going to die old and alone with cats. and, I hate cats."

I do have a second date tonight with a Match guy I met for drinks last week. Blaaah. Don't I sound SO excited???  I have to say, I think he is a seriously GOOD GUY. Perhaps this is why I am not that into it? But he's taking me on an actual dinner date tonight, and I think I need to keep an open mind about it. Plus, this guy actually told me how he really loves and respects "strong, independent women." Wow. Is he a unicorn or a dragon? 
So, we'll see.  I don't even have a name for him yet because he's just so...normal. [seeming].

I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, stay classy out there. Or don't. I won't judge.