Monday, February 7, 2011

Media and Love!

I have been very convicted lately of how much impact the media has on my mental purity. Since I've been out of school this week because of snow, I have been laying around watching romance movies, watching television, and enjoying country music. Now to most people that would sound wonderful and harmless, but to us Christians we have stay on top of things, looking out for the devil and his schemes. Ephesians 6:11

You see, I may not have noticed it right off, but by the 3rd snowday I was catching myself thinking about guys, wondering more about marriage, and even thinking some very impure thoughts about men. As soon as I realized these thoughts were popping up fairly often I stopped and examined my life. There are no guys I'm involved with who are tempting me, I haven't hung out with any girls who I could blame this on, nope, it was all me. I had been the one feeling my head with these thoughts. did I do that?

By watching and listening to media that reinforces these ideas! The devil works in sneaky ways, he knows where he can get us so good, we won't even realize it! But seriously, let's look at what I put in my head last week.

Dear John-a love story, with the incredibly beautiful Channing Tatum who walks around shirtless several times in the movie. This movie definitely causes me to struggle with keeping my thoughts pure. You think I'm kidding, but you try looking at Channing Tatum for 2 hours without lusting! It's enough to make any of us slip! lol

The Last Song- Yet another love story, the couple goes on 1 date, kisses and is instantly emotionally attached. After just a week or two they decide they are in love, and end up together at the end. This isn't real life people. How many times have you met a guy, fallen in love, and ended up happily ever after? Exactly. We meet guys, give too much of our hearts away, become emotionally attached, and then get our heart broken. This movie puts ideas in our heads that our unrealistic.

Thompson Square's song "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"- I LOVE this song!! It's the most romantic, beautiful song I've ever heard! So I put it on repeat! :D
STOP. Was this the smart thing to do? No, not at all. This song obviously reinforces the same similar message as the movies I watched. The guy and girl meet, fall in love instantly, and get married. The end. It doesn't work like that! Plus, when I hear this song it just makes me want to be in a relationship all the more and we all know that if that is not God's will for me at this time, I will definitely be miserable wasting my thoughts on it.

These are just a few examples, and you may call me crazy. But that's because I am. I have a crazy heart for God and I want my life to be in his will no matter what the cost. I am committed to follow him no matter where he leads me. Weather its 4 more years of being single, or a lifetime commitment to serve him, I am ready.

So, this week I have decided to fast from all music except Christian music (which is what I usually listen to's amazing what one week off can do to you.) I am using this time to clear those thoughts away and grow deeper in love with God, rather than the idea of a relationship. I would like to challenge ya'll to join me in this fast this week. If you want to do this sign your name in the comment box below and date it! It will be like our own little contract! Plus we can encourage each other! :D

Love yall!