Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stay Strong Single Ladies!

Last night I was sitting in the recliner, enjoying my night at home with the family for the weekend, when my mother starts asking me why I haven't found a boyfriend at OU yet. I told her there isn't anyone that I would even consider up there--partly because those are not good ol southern boys like I like, and partly because I have hardly met any guys, all I tend to meet is girls (which is not normal for me.)
She then goes into asking why I haven't met any guys at the BSU (Baptist Student Union) which is a group I'm heavily involved in. I tell her it's pretty much girls with girls and guys with guys in there, not much mixing. She continues to ask 21 questions, accuse me of being closed minded, and finally she got my brother to join in (like always.)
Then the last thing she said to me was "Haley, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do finding a husband after college, and that's a proven statistic." Ouch. Thanks mom!
All this to say, I know what its like to have pressure to date. This is my own family pushing me into this--and this isn't a rare event--it's every single time I come home. Every dinner at the table. I get this speech all the time! Besides mom and my brother, my aunts and uncles ask me pretty often why I haven't brought anyone home yet. Also, every single one of my friends pressures me about it all the time, "Why don't you just date so and so?" "You can't date Jesus ya kno!" Yes friends, thanks, I know this.
They don't understand what I'm waiting for, or why I am being so picky. Most people don't. The thing is, God has promised me a wonderful husband someday. I don't want to settle for something less than God's best and be miserable my whole life. The number one requirement I have for a boyfriend is someone to lead me spiritually. If I found a guy who did this, regardless of his style or looks, I would give him a shot. However, I haven't found anyone near that yet. I used to consider compromising, but then God reassures me it's not worth it.
Just the other day I had lunch with a lady who married someone who doesn't lead her spiritually. In tears she told me I wouldn't believe how unbelievably hard it is. Her and her husband both know that he isn't where he is supposed to be spiritually, but they are sticking together no matter what. They both struggle with this daily. Why? Because men are made to be spiritual leaders--in the church, in the family, in the relationship.
So girls, I understand how hard it is to stay single for a month. I understand how hard it is to stay single for a year. Actually I understand how hard it is to stay single for four years. Not necessarily because guys don't like you or you don't want to date, but because your holding out for something better. And I pray that all of you do hold out for something better.
Stay strong and wait patiently for the Lord to provide for you. Don't wish your life away waiting for prince charming. God has a plan for you now! Single women can do so much more ministry than married women..look at all the free time you have! Get out there and serve God! Give your heart completely to him, and leave your days of feeling lonely, crying yourself to sleep, and wishing for something better behind you. Live in this moment. Worship right now. Use this second to praise God and become fulfilled and satisfied with his love. No man will EVER satisfy you. Only God can, so you might as well be satisfied now. He is much more faithful and exciting than any dating relationship/boy ever will be. So discover God!