Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trusting God

I grew up thinking I would meet the love of my life in high school. I imagined we would go to prom together, be high school sweethearts, and eventually get married. When I got to high school, the first few years I was naive enough to think this was still going to happen. When God changed me after my sophomore year I switched my thinking about dating and everything, but I still thought I would end up marrying someone from the youth group or something.

By the summer after Senior year I realized that was not at all going to happen. My mother had always told me to remember there were guys outside of Frederick. So I listened to her and had confirmation from lots of older "wiser" men and women that I would find Mr. right in college! I went to junior college my freshmen year and I just KNEW I would find that good ol' godly country boy I was looking for there! He would be from somewhere close just like me, we could golf together, and hang out at the BCM and then go to the same University after JuCo!! It was destined to happen!

...about 2 months into freshman year, I knew I wasn't going to have such luck there. However being so smart and wise as I am, (sarcasm) I figured out that my husband and I would meet at OU!! Of course! Everyone meets their mate in college, especially in a place like OU! Again, family members, spiritual leaders, other people who are supposed to be wiser than me put these ideas in my head!!

I've been at OU for 6 months, and no I'm not declaring that my husband is not here, because I don't know God's plan. But I had decided I would meet him right off the bat so we could date all through my years here and get married afterwards. This obviously has not happened, I don't even really have guy friends here, (which is unusual for me.)

Anyways I have a couple of point to make here.
1. STOP TRYING TO OUT GUESS GOD!! We as girls looovee to fantasize and romanticize everything, hoping and trusting that these romantic ideas will play out just as they are in our heads and that we will get married tomorrow and live happily ever after. That's not living by faith. That is trying to control your own life. By stepping back into control of our own lives we are telling God we don't trust him. We are endangering our lives of being out of God's will, which is the most miserable place you can be. And also we are setting ourselves up for heartache. (Yes I realize I say that a lot, but it's what us girls are best at unfortunately.)
So stop trying to plan out your wedding at age 16 and trust God with his wonderful plan. He knows what he's doing and we don't. So why not trust him? Jeremiah 29:11

2. AS AN OLDER, WISER GIRL THAN SOME OF YOU..I am not going to add to your heartache and false anticipation by telling you that you will definitely meet your husband in college and ya'll will get married right after. This is false, I have no way of knowing God's plans so how could I know this is how your life is going to play out? I understand the people who told me this were just trying to comfort me and give me hope, but it was false comfort and false hope. The only one who can really give us true hope and comfort is Jesus Christ. He died to do just that, turn to him for advice, turn to him for wisdom, turn to him for patience in waiting for this mysterious man to come along. Psalm 103:5 "...who satisfies your desires with good things so that you youth is renewed like the eagles."

3. BE A LADY OF FAITH! This is kind of what I mentioned in #1 but this is soo important! Trust God and lay your worries down. Stop being so concerned about your future and start living in the present, in the here and now where God can use you for ministry.