Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day..

Okay, so I know I promised I would finish talking about lust and tell you Amnon's story...but I am going to have to put that on pause because I simply can't pass up the opportunity to talk about something very important today...VALENTINE'S DAY!!

Now hold on, before you start gettin' all crabby and man-hater on me...give me a chance and read this through.

I know tons of people--including Christians--who look at Valentine's Day as a day where they have the excuse to be cranky, rude, and throw a 24-hour pity party because their single and this holiday is evil!

I can not tell you how horrible that looks to not only nonbelievers, but to other Christians, and the whole world in general. Pity-parties do not fly with me, and I'm most positive they wouldn't fly with God. How do I know this? Well open your eyes and look around, God gave us this beautiful world to live in. He gave us the sun, the moon, a bazillion beautiful stars, the birds, and yet he loves us more intimately than any of those things. But on top of that, he gave us grace. God knows you on a deeper level than any other human can ever connect. He knows places in your heart that your husband won't even discover. He sent his son to die just so you wouldn't have too. His heart aches for you to know him and love him with ALL your heart.

I can take this a step further, you live in America. I don't care how bad your life is, I know you have a home and Internet access somewhere (because you are reading this,) I would be money you have at LEAST one person who loves you and cares about you in your family, and also I bet money you are wearing some nice shoes and clothes. God provided that. We are the wealthiest nation, we have ABUNDANTLY more than the rest of the world, and yet we still complain about wanting more. How in the world do you think God feels about that?

How do you think God feels when we walk around complaining about the day because we don't have a boyfriend and we have to spend this whole stinkin' day alone?! I think God looks down, shakes his head, and wants to say, "You spoiled little brat. Have you not seen all that I have provided for you? Do you not clearly understand that I am enough and that I LOVE YOU? And no, I don't love you the way that ex-boyfriend loved you. I don't love you the way your current boyfriend loves you. I love you more extravagantly that that. I love you with all of creation. I gave my son for you. I love you so much I know every hair on your head and every thought you think. I want you to want me. I have a beautiful plan for us to live this life together. Take it, and appreciate all that I have done for you."
Listen girls, I have spent Valentine's Day alone for 4 years in a row now, and you know what? I love this holiday. (that was not sarcasm.) I admit the first was kinda hard because I had been so used to always having a boyfriend or two on this day, but I got over it. Instead of crying myself to sleep and wishing the worst for all my friends with boyfriends, I celebrate in a different way.

1) My daddy has always said he's my Valentine. So I usually get him a card or make him a gift to show him I love him. :) Ask your Dad to be your Valentine if you two have a good relationship. I think it will help ya'll become closer to each other. Even have a father-daughter date if you want!

2) I LOVE the cute little valentine's cards from elementary school! So I nearly always pick up a box of those to sign and hand out to my closest friends :) everyone loves getting one secretly haha :D

3) This year my church is having a Valentine's Day party so I am celebrating with them. We are playing games and eating a steak dinner together. :) If your church doesn't already do something like this, try setting one up with the youth program, or if your in college--try being the hostess of a dinner for high school students. Btw it's a single's party so its guaranteed no pressure and high fun!

4) If I wasn't going to the church, I would be joining my two best friends in watching Valentine's Day the movie, drinking hot chocolate, and making PINK pancakes!!

5) Dress up cute in pink and red, curl your hair, put on your best make up, and walk around with your curls bouncing and chin high because you are confident that your KING loves you and is ENTHRALLED with your beauty.

Meditate on these today if this is going to be an especially hard day for you:
Psalm 45:11
"The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord."
(Check out the rest of Psalms 45 if you want to really feel like a loved princess today. :)

Matthew 22:37-38
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and the greatest commandment."

Philippians 4:4
"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: REJOICE!"
(not complain or feel sorry for yourself)

I love you all and if you need someone to talk to today feel free to call me. Use this day to embrace God as your Valentine. He deserves all the attention. MAKE IT a great day! <3