Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MANdate: Oh, the irony!


* 2nd day of El Señor working at el office.
* Wore an even BETTER outfit today.  
* Was told by two guys that I "looked hot." Okay, one was gay, but does that really matter?
* So, did I even SEE El Señor?  Nope. This is getting exhausting.  I feel the Lululemon pants and t-shirt coming on REAL soon. Screw this.


* [backstory]:  Recently, BFWB told me it was time for me to write another song.  I then informed him that the one song I've ever written (aka my divorce anthem entitled "Man Up") was a fluke that happened on a random night after random inspiration. And, that would probably never happen again. 
*He then told me "tough shit," and to find some other inspiration.  And then, I did: SoCal.
I began mulling over his incredibly sporadic, confusing and wishy-washy behavior and somehow came up with a song I am pretty damn pleased with.  And, BFWB likes it too [so far], which is always the ultimate affirmation. 
* So, yesterday on FB I posted "A special shout-out to all the dbags in my life. Your dbaggery helped me write an awesome new song!"
* And, tonight in the ultimate irony of ironies, SoCal "liked" that post.
I wonder exactly whom he thinks I'm referring to...
You. Just. Have. To. Laugh.

Oh, Universe. You have one seriously wacktastic sense of humor. 
I hope you've sufficiently amused yourself.
You must be a dude.