Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MANdate: WONDERing what's going on?

Hello, blogosphere!
Wow, that was way nerdy.  

Anyway, last night I had the extreme fortune of getting to preview Broadway's newest fabulocity:
None other than über talented besties:

How lucky am I?  Not only do I get to see a wonderful, magical new show on the Broadways, but I also get to look down and watch [with extreme admiration and pride] two of my amazeballz friends....and some other random, talented people n' stuff.  And, I also got to enjoy it with another fab and sassylicious friend o' MIM, the Great Worthini.  We decided to treat ourselves to a nice, relaxing glass of white wine during intermission.  Here's what that looked like:
Feast your eyes upon the
Adult Sippy Cup
Ahh, wine with a lid and a straw.  Doesn't get much classier than that, now does it? 
So, get all your blog-reading asses down to Broadway and check out Wonderland, y'all!

And now, a weekend recap!

Well, after Thursday night's debauchery that led to some scandalous co-worker co-mingling (aack!), I was pretty 'zausted, but the show had to go on!  The show I'm referring to is the concert I had tickets to see with the always fabulous Dbots. So I dragged my haggard, hungover tush out and we marched ourselves over to the venue....only to discover the concert is actually TOMORROW night. Awesome sauce!  Dbots couldn't have apologized more while I couldn't have laughed any harder. Then, came easily the best quote of the night from her:  "Oh shit! I wore a rock show outfit on a non-rock show night."  This comment was ridic-amaze for two reasons: 1) it was said in total honesty 2) Dbots pretty much wears a rock show outfit EVERY day.  I love her to bits!
So, we proceeded on to her friend's private party upstairs at the super-hot-right-now, quite selective Jane Hotel. We were having a fine time drinking, chatting and lounging on our plush maroon velvet couches when, suddenly, a snooty, gender-ambiguous staffer informed us we needed to relinquish our seats as they were reserved for a private party.  To which Dbots indignantly retorted, "um, HELLOO, we ARE at a private party??!"  Man-girl then replied "Yaaah, well it's for Aaaashley Olsen's birthday." YES.  You are correct.  Ashely Olsen. As in one-half of Michelle Tanner.  And within moments, BOTH Mary-Kate, Ashley and their entourage had moved into our seats and were smoking cigarettes like...well, like that's something that's ALLOWED in NYC?
When I bitched about how, apparently if you're an Olsen, you can kick people out of seats and smoke indoors to a nearby gaybor, he then pointed out "Yeah, but you also look like a blonde Yoda."  
  Well-played, sir. Well-played.

And this now concludes our Full House segment of today's post.

In other man news...
Recall how I mentioned in my last post that SoCal and I had bought tickets and made an actual date to go to an event together next week? 
Well, as I was racing (in heels) to an early [ok, 9am-- but STILL!] voice-over record yesterday, I got a text from SoCal telling me more tickets were being released to this weekend's LCD Soundsystem show that we've both been dying to go to at 10am and could I also try to get them.  We both logged on at 9:59a and looks like the rock gods were smiling down on our dear SoCal, since he got tickets to Saturday night's huge show at MSG!  So...now, Mr. Sporadic n' me have TWO, count 'em: TWO dates to events ONE day apart from each other.  Funny how stuff just works out.  Should be a very interesting experiment, you know, actually spending time, sorry- CONSECUTIVE time together. Can't wait to report back!  

Other than that, I had yet another bad online first-meeting drink date Saturday night that isn't even worth mentioning. However, if you too have been dabbling in some online people-shopping, here's a helpful article to check out about The ABC's of Online Dating.

Go get 'em, tigresses! ROWR!