Friday, March 4, 2011

Music: Worship

The next step up from Christian music is my favorite, Worship music! J

The difference between worship music and Christian music is that worship music focuses solely on giving God praise and glory. Christian music is usually about God and good things, positive attitudes, etc, but not always about giving God the entire glory.

To me worship music is very effective simply because it’s what we were born to do. We

were made to worship. Everyone is made to worship, and to worship God. However we sometimes get lost in what we are supposed to worship. Worship can come in many different forms: sex, acceptance, drugs, alcohol, friends, school, etc. This often happens in relationships, when we as girls tend to worship the guy we’re dating (this can be shown by texting him all day long, thinking about him incessantly, and focusing our heart and emotions on him.) This is an act of worship, however it’s not the pure worship God designed us to do. The problem with worshipping guys, our boyfriends, or even our husbands, is that they will let us down. They're only human, not perfect like God. Also, God commands us to put him first and others second. Matthew 22:37-39, Exodus 20:3

Worshipping God includes more than just singing hymns once a week in church. Ephesians 5:19 says “sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.” MAKE MUSIC FROM YOUR HEART. SING from your HEART!! When you sing in church you should feel every lyric resounding in your heart. Worship connects us to God. It shows him that we appreciate him and love him. Going beyond that, worship is an act of living. How we live is worship. We have the choice to either worship God with our lives or to worship something else. The choice is yours.

What are you worshiping? How are you worshiping?

Therefore, when we listen to worship music outside of church, we are showing complete love and devotion for our God. He gave his all for us, so why wouldn’t we want to give a little extra love to him? He deserves it after what he did for us, and for what he is doing presently in us.

Here are a few of my favorite worship bands and songs: David Crowder “How He Loves Us”


The Cody Dunbar Band

“The Stand” Hillsong United

“Here am I” Matt Papa

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