Friday, March 11, 2011

Woof: a common term used among Spinsters


While perusing our guide you will discover that we harbor an insatiable appetite for interesting words. Don’t worry. We don’t understand half of them either but use them with glibness. We also have an extensive vocabulary of fallacious words in our arsenal. We’ll start small to wet your palate of the diction that awaits you.

     1.                    adj. Coming from the ancient language of Home Alone. (i.e. “Buzz’s girlfriend…WOOF!”) May be used as an exclamation at times of great exacerbation. Possible scenarios include “He didn’t call you back?! WOOF.”; “I had to work overtime and didn’t get paid extra. WOOF.”; or “The midterm had nothing to do with the review. WOOF.”

2.              sound. The canine mammal makes.

Yours truly,

Charlotte and Gertrude