Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Girl's Story on God's Fulfillment

Hey girls! 1 week ago I posted "Marriage Longings and God's Fulfillments," based on and idea I read in Lady in Waiting. Well soon after that post I found out one of my dearest friends had just recently made her own list of her desires and how God could fulfill them. So I thought it would be neat if she shared her list, and here it is! :)

My heart is His because He rejoices over me! He pursues me with every part of Him and desires only the best for me! I know without a shadow of a doubt I can place my heart in His hands and He will protect it and care for it like no one else I know! :) Thank you Jesus!
(Isaiah 62:5)

Hello ladies!
So Haley asked me to show you girls my list! ☺
Its actually very interesting that I am doing this because I realized tonight that where I thought I had been guarding my heart I was really just letting it go! SO!!! This is the list I made for the current guy I have let have a piece of my heart! (let me state that by worlds standards I didn’t give him any of my heart… spiritually or God’s standard… possibly!)

The list!
o How he cares about other people
o How he seeks after the Lord and the Lord’s heart
o He is easy to talk to and I am comfortable around him
o Superficially- he gives good hugs! ☺
o He is fun to be around
o He cares about me

o God created everybody and loves each person to the utmost!
o The Lord is the one he is seeking— am I seeking the Lord the way I should be, especially in this?
o Jesus knows my heart and there is nothing that will ever change the love he has for me
o Jesus holds my heart—which is much better than any hug!
o Jesus is the ultimate Joy giver
o Jesus cares not for me not only when I am being happy and joyful but even when I am shaking in fear or balling my eyes out over the same old thing! (pst…. Idk if you know this but the Lord is patient!)

Now by no means am I “hating” on this guy! He is one of my best guy friends and I would never look down upon him! But as a girl I have to remember who created him and His heart… that would be the Lord! Why be seeking out a relationship with someone when I already have the best one I could ask for!

What's on your list? Have you made one?