Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cap’n Crunch: A yummy, yet highly untouchable boy interest

I admit it. I stole this idea. But it’s too good to be kept a secret. I was talking with some girls after class and a quieter girl referred to her old “Cap’n Crunch”. We all laughed and asked what that was. She said it was an old crush that was so darling and she was in love with him but she could never tell him. There was no owie break-ups or angry car rides with Kelly Clarkson blasting, just sweet memories of this dreamy wannabe beau. All the girls I was with immediately had someone in mind. I think my first Cap’n Crunch was my next-door neighbor. He had a head full of cocoa colored hair and glasses that were so large they flirted with the bottom of his nose, but man! What a dreamboat! We would play on his tire swing and I was positive he was in love with me but in his mind I was breathing cooties so that didn’t work out. The next Cap’n Crunch I had was my lab partner in Biology when I was a sophomore. His tactic of flirting was throwing shark guts at me and I’m ashamed to say it worked. Gertie, I know we should aim high but is it really sinful to reminisce on past Cap’n Crunches? What do you think?