Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Know It's Hard Being Single But...


It may not seem like it now because your single and the one you want to be with has no clue, and everyone around you has a significant other, but don't you doubt for a second that God doesn't have something amazing in store for you.
If you are doubting the Lord's faithfulness, think about these things:
  • Singlesness is a GIFT. This is the only time in your life where you get to "do you." After this chapter its less you and more hubby, more kids, more work, more family. Use this time to practice your hobbies, your skills, your talents. Go hang out with your friends till midnight, leave the house randomly without telling anyone where your going. Read a book about something that interests you, learn to do something new, go play with the neighbor kids--WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT! Trust me when I say relationships are time consuming and being single is a gift. Don't take it for granted. Use it wisely. Ephesians 5:15-17, Ecclesiastes 3:1
Ecclesiastes 11:9
"Be happy, young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but nkow that ofr all these things God will bring you to judgement."

  • Your focus should be on God, not marriage. Easier said than done, I know, but God will bless you no doubt. Romans 8:28 tells us that he has a wonderful plan for each of us if we just love him and trust him. How many meaningless hours a day do you spend thinking about a guy or wondering what your wedding will be like? Girls come on, is this really the most important thing in life? No! There is SO much more out there for you! You could be spending that time leading someone to Christ who was previously destined to spend eternity in Hell. The things of this life are temporary. BOYFRIENDS are temporary. The affections of your crush will not last, I'm sorry to tell you. But you know what is worth investing in? Do you know what is going to amount to something after this life? GOD. God, the soul's of men, and God's word, are the only 3 things that last for eternity.
Do something meaningful with your life.
  • The more patient you are with God, and the longer you have to wait, the more you will enjoy your day when it comes. Think of the spoiled brat scenario: you know that girl growing up who always had everything she ever wanted? "Daddy, can I have a horse?" You go to school the next day, yup. She got a horse. Was she excited? Yeah, she was pleased with herself alright, did she tear up with gratefulness and give her daddy a huge hug? Probably not. However, if she had to wait for her horse, she would have either eventually forgotten about it and not wanted it anymore, or she would have looked forward to it for a long period of time, building up anticipation and excitement, love and joy, for the horse she desired.
We are the same way. The longer we have to wait for what we desire, the more we will cherish it when we do get it. However worrying and contemplating about it all day long does absolutely nothing. Matthew 6:27 "Who of you, by worrying, can add a single hour to his life?" Trust God to handle your heart, your relationships, your marriage, and everything that goes with it, and he will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. Proverbs 3:5-6

Psalms 73:23-26
Nevertheless, I am continually with you;
you hold my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
and afterward you will receive me to glory.

Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.