Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MANdate: Hoping to feel that Rocky Mountain High

Firstly, dear readers, I must say I loved every comment on my last post

Your advice was fairly consistent, and I really appreciate you taking the time to dole it out on me.  This is totally unchartered waters for yours truly-- both the long distance thing and the, you know, actually liking someone thing. Wah!

So, I bet you're wondering what's gone on since Boulder Boy left NYC? 

Here's a hint: NOTHING.
In case that was confusing:

Ok, there's been some very [VERY] sporadic textchanges, but I was fine with that.  Just a way to stay in touch, engaged, blah blah.  
Our last contact? Saturday.  
BFWB invited me out of my misery to meet him n' his roomies in the park to play some crazy swedish game [KUBB] and drink mimosas.  Sure, I was planning on de-toxing, but....yeah. This was more important.  
Btw, someone took pics of us and posted them on a blog! Random.

Yes, that would be KUBB.  Highly amusing, difficult and sort of a crap-shoot.  Unless you're BFWB and just happen to RULE at it.  Glad he was on my team. 
Funny enough, random photo-blogger also saw what we saw right next to us:

The fact that these dudes just decided to drag an upright bass, banjo and guitar to Tompkins square park on a saturday is pretty damn rad to me.  And I felt the need to share.  Since Boulder Boy is a music lover/aficionado, I decided "Screw it."  So I sent him this pic (well ok, the one I took!) 
ME:  An upright bass and banjo in the park on a saturday? Pretty amazing. 
HIM:  Wow that is awesome!  Where ya at?
ME:  Tompkins square park, playing a weird swedish game on a gorg day.  Whachoo doin?
HIM: Lounging on my porch, getting some sun.  Went to the farmer's market this morning. Typical Boulder saturday. :)
ME:  Sounds like heaven! :) Things to get: 1) toilet paper  2) porch.
HIM: :)

UM- Smiley face?? Granted it was within a minute of my text, but STILL!  I was like Okaaay, smiley face.  Nothin' says "conversation OVER" like a smiley face.

So, I decided that he's probably chilling out and maybe not that into texting right now, and better to let him have the last one anyway and then see when/if he writes back next. 


I mean, really?? FOUR days sans comm?  As I launched into a category 5 freak-out, my bestie Jendel talked me off a ledge. She's a great source because she was also in a long-distance relationship {that has since brought her to--sniffle--LA to be with the boy}, but she had a lot of good wisdom to bestow.  She didn't seem to think it was a big deal at all to not hear back and reassured me that he's probably just waiting to hear from me once I get there.  
So, I've sufficiently convinced myself this is the case and am looking forward to his response to my not-at-all-pre-planned text upon arrival.  And surprisingly, I feel so much less anxious and just more excited about the prospect of this happening.  I'm feeling very Zen right now.  It's either that or I am just finally totally, completely DELUSIONAL.  I'm going to go with option A. 

And, that's all I have to report, lovely ladies [AND, gents, as I've come to discover!].  Anyway, I've more than appreciated your positive thoughts, great advice, demands for me to blog more and all-around rooting for me on this one.  In the time you've been reading my word vomit, have you ever known me to get this bigiggity over a guy???
This has to mean something. 
Hell, I've even been looking into the ASTROLOGY of this whole thing. Which, by the way, is REALLY good.  
Sagittarius and Aquarius seem to be quite the the match in MANY departments.
Oh hell.  I can't wait to get there and send this text!  And...guess whose flight is 2 HOURS delayed??
Not the best sign.  Luckily, my Zen-ness is keeping me calm.  I'm like freakin' Buddha, in the bowels of New Jersey right now.

Stay tuned, my pretties!!!