Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spinster Gone Shopaholic


Being a Spinster has some serious upsides. Especially when it comes to cash.

Recently, I overdrew on my checking account and didn’t know it until I was slapped with a $75 overdraft fee.  Every fee comes with a long list of regrets. My regrets are usually materially related.  I have thoughts like: “Instead of dishing out 75 George Washingtons to the bank, I could have had 9 Café Rios, those beige peep toe pumps from Aldo or 2 tanks of gas.

While at the bank, I experienced many emotions. Mostly unbelief that I had let this happen again (yes, I once had to pay a $200 overdraft fee because I hadn’t caught the mistake earlier. About 7 unopened bank statements were frantically ripped open only to find that I was in the red*)

*red is a financial term that means you’ve lost some money. See also red stoplight and the red pen your professor uses to mark up your research paper. All of these mean stop being an idiot or in my case, STOP SPENDING ALL YOUR MONEY!!!

But it was a good day to be a Spinster. I sat back and thought, I am so happy that this is just my money and I don’t have to confess to my significant other that I blew a months worth of groceries because I forgot to balance at least 2 weeks worth of expenses. Oh well…numbers are for the birds. 

Yours Ever,