Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marriage Post by Jon Werner

I found a new blog I like! This guy had a great post on Marriage and so I thought I would share it with all of you. The link to the actual blog is posted above. Hope you all get as much out of this as I did!


Today I spoke to my roommate about many various things, one of which was the topic of marriage. We started talking about how we thought marriage would be one day, even though you may find that weird for two single guys to talk about, it was vary interesting and insightful.

We started by talking about the beauty of marriage and the complexity, but also the simplicity of that entity. (Guess that rhymed :D) We started asking each other about what kind of person we would want to spend the rest of our lives with and if we actually were ever going to get married. That quickly turned into us talking about what God's plan was for our individual lives, and how we thought marriage would fit into that overall plan.

There were a few points we covered that I thought you may want to hear.

What is the mindset and what are the lies that the single youth believe about relationships/marriage?

I believe that Hollywood, media and peers have a huge negative effect on the mindsets of today's youth in regards to relationships/marriage. However, I won't go into what I think the youth believes about this topic. I will instead tell you what I believe the truth is.

I believe that marriage was designed by God and is a great thing. I believe that it is something that should be shared by ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN until death separates them. I also think that it is something that God ALWAYS should bring about. What I mean is that I believe that God can, will and should direct a man and a woman in marrying one another. I do not think that an individual should pursue an intimate relationship with another person of the opposite gender, without the leading of the Holy Spirit. I also believe that when God has given you that direction, it is okay to pursue (as long as you follow the Holy Spirit).

I believe that marriage should be carried out with the goal of furthering God's kingdom. I believe there are other things in scripture that give good reason to be married, but that advancing God's kingdom should me the primary goal in marriage. In other words, if your reason for getting married is solely based on feelings or "a love for that person", I do not think that is an okay reason to get married. I think this happens all the time and God is faithful to redeem that situation, but marriage shouldn't be done because of just feelings or attraction.

So, those are a few things that I believe personally about marriage. I believe these things are right and that they are important for all of us to consider.

I also wanted to say that we discussed one more thing. I feel as though this is important for young single people to know and to hear from the heart of a single man.

My greatest desire for my future wife is not the amount of money she will have, or the beauty of her outward appearance, or the way she makes me feel. My deepest and most heartfelt desire is that my wife will love the Lord Jesus Christ more than me and any other person. That Christ would be her passion and her desire. That Jesus would take first place in every area of her life. That the Lord would be her everything. I want a wife who is willing to look me in the eye and tell me that she would rather be found dead, then to love me more than the one who saved her soul. This may be completely foreign to some who read this. It may be completely out of the norm. But I just want people to know that I believe this is the heart that every single man should have. Really and truly, this is the heart that EVERY person should have. I think the most romantic thing in the world is someone who is sold out for Jesus and is willing to do whatever he calls that person to do.

This was the heart of one of my modern day heroes, Keith Green. He wrote a song that describes my heart and I think that it would be appropriate to post the lyrics to this song. Thanks for bearing with me. I just thought that it was necessary to address an area that may not be talked about enough. So now you know my heart on this. If you have anything you would like to ask or say about this just leave me a comment.

"Well I pledge my wife to heaven, for the Gospel. Though our love each passing day just seems to grow. As I told her when we wed, I'd surely rather be found dead, than to love her more than the one who saved my soul". Song written by Keith Green - Pledge my head to heaven - Verse 2