Friday, June 10, 2011

BeautyFull Friday: Clean as a Cucumber

Happy fah-reaking Friday, my friends!

Awhile back, one of you lovelies commented that you'd like me to talk about my skin care products.  While you can imagine the inside of my medicine cabinet(s) roughly resembles a Duane Reade, I do have a few staples that I've been using for years.  One in particular that's done me very right over the years is this:

I have sensy skin, not to mention sometimes acne-prone and I am always rocking some form of makeup. This stuff is gentle and effective, plus it has natural cucumber and rose, so it smells great.  You can also even pour some on a cotton pad and use it as an eye makeup remover.  Not bad. And, it lasts for awhile and is finally also avail at Sephora.  I'm a fan.  It's been my go-to cleanser for a looong time now.

What's up in MANland, you ask?

Well, early this week was the AICP awards, commonly referred to as "ad prom." It's a gigantic, private affair at the MoMa, which is a pretty awesome location to get to take over.  The even also serves as a "ghosts of advertising past" for most of us, as you see almost everyone you've ever known in the industry. Fun, exhausting, overwhelming, drunk times galore.  And, of course, who do you think I saw there?
My ex bf, Champ, of course!  
At least this was an even I expected, hell, even anticipated seeing him at. And of course I saw him right off the bat, as I was going inside for my first cocktail with some friends to avoid the extreme heat/makeup-meltage.  I literally walked in, saw him and went "Well, guess I'm headed back out doors!  Where it's not at all one schmillion degrees of steam heat."  But it was just too sparse inside at that point to be standing right near him at a bar. I was not in the mood [read not nearly juiced up enough] to deal with such moments of awkyness.  
It just sucks that he won't talk to me or even look at me for that matter.  Oh well. His loss.  And, my gain since every time it just confirms breaking up was the right thing to do.  Here's a pic I have no recollection of taking with my friend, B, who's a total wild-woman.  Commonly referred to as "Big Red" due to her statuesque height and fiery tresses. I've dubbed the look she's giving here "Red Steel."  Classic.

As for dudes, I've pretty much written 6'4 off.  He can continue on his slow boat to China.  I live near enough to Chinatown anyway.  I'm so over these lame, non-proactive morons who claim to like me and then half-Houdini on me.  LATERZ!!
Feeling very over it all, I went to work out after work and then decided I felt antsy and not ready to go home alone and shop for whatever cats my future spinster self may be acquiring.  So, I went to a co-worker's going away party in the Meatpacking District. Sure, it's usually a meatmarket over there and one full of 20-something meats, but whatev.  Expectations managed, I set off over there , in the rain with hardly any makeup on. And, not giving a shit about it! A rare but awesome gift I sometimes give myself. 
Most of the bar was exactly as I expected but over near my friends I spotted a guy, amidst a group of "shirts" (aka I-bankers and the like), who had veered off from his friends, engrossed in the NBA finals game.  I was interested in, not only the game since a Texas team is involved, but also in the guy. He was cute!  
Such an easy way in. Almost too easy.
He turned out to be pretty adorable and we talked/watched the game for almost 2+ hours.  We'll call him Mav. Mav and I were having one hell of a flirtfest, not to mention he couldn't believe a chick "could be that sexy and funny." Oh wee!  He pretty much showered  me in compliments, and in a totally non-douchey way.  I was definitely into this. PLUS, he turned out to be totally AA- 35!!! However Mav is dealing with a recent break-up from a 7 year relationship and was getting blown up by his ex for some reason or another. He was being very transparent about it all and I couldve cared less, but wasn't so into dealing with drama.  His crazy friend, Crazy B, was having side talks with him where I could tell the gist was "Yo dude. Your ex is f'king psycho and this chick is HOT. Make out with her. NOW (I actually heard those words) and stop dealing with psycho."
The three of us ended up bouncing to another bar [my new hotspot, since my friend took over a bar literally 2 seconds from my apt. DANGEROUS].  On the way over there, sandwiched between both boys, Crazy B decided to start nibbling on my shoulder.  I saw RIGHT away where this was going and shut it down with a simple "Um, this is in NO way, shape or form going to be a 3-some situation, mkay?"  FYI, that was never Mav's agenda, but I could sure see it was on the top of Crazy B's crazy list. Shut. That. Down!
Maybe the 3 of us stayed out till 3am.
Ended up drinking back at my apt.
And they both passed out there. In separate areas, I should add.

It was a wild and fun night. Mav is an excellent kisser [finally!] and the whole thing was a serious ego boost/funk-breaker.  I think I needed that.

Now, I need a nap.  And perhaps a seriously greasy cheeseburger.

Happy weekend-ing my frieeeendz!