Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dating story #53, Tall, dark, and worth the wait.

Between back to back weekends away plus my effing MacBook air being a diva and refusing to work, I apologize for my horrific lack of bloggage.

But, due to demands, friendly requests and various threats (you KNOW who you are) I'm going against my better judgement (do I even posses that?) and blogging this story. QUICKLY.

Quite awhile ago, in the dregs of winter, I got bored and decided to try out a different kind of dating site called "How About We." I was interested because it seemed to be a more activity driven way to meet someone, rather than a straight up dating site.
So, I posted my first date:
"How about some pool and drink some beer in a dive with a great jukebox?"

This date seemed to catch the eye of many hobbits and/or Dungeons n' Dragons dorks alike.  Awesome.
But there was one noteworthy response.
A seemingly hot guy had checked the "I'm intrigued" button, which means I have to initiate the conversation (should I care to have one).
I looked at his picture. Still hot.
And, his stats? 6'4.  All systems: GO.
So I wrote him back:
ME:  "So, you like beer and pool?"
HIM: "Am I a male with a pulse? Yes, of course I do. And apparently, Texas Cowgirls (ie my screen name)."
He then went on to tell me he actually was only on the site because his company was contemplating doing some type of business with them and they asked him to make a profile and check it out. But, I "caught his eye" and he wanted to see what happened when he clicked "I'm Intrigued." Guess I showed him.
He said that he doesn't go on the site at all and if I wanted to continue the conversation, I should message him on his FB page. 
I followed directions. 
And, got to peek at a few more pics of him. Yes, definitely handsome. And possibly a lot younger than me?? Luckily, I pushed that thought aside and the conversation continued.
For THREE months!  Seriously, I just looked back at our initial comm on FB. March 9th. WOW.
In that time, many long, detailed [and sporadic] emails were exchanged.  In a way, we got to learn about each other.  Of course, several potential "let's meet for a drink/coffee/lunch/beer" comments were made. NONE ever followed through. I began to realize this guy really probably has never done internet dating and therefore was intrigued, but not enough to meet a stranger. Either that or he has a girlfriend. Or 9 kids and french maid, Governator-style.
Strangely, about a month ago he finally "friended" me on FB. Ooh-la-la!
Still, not a lot of communication. Emails here and there. Updating me on how busy he is at work, me telling him the same.  Maybe one more suggested and never followed-through date proposal.
Finally, last week. IT HAPPENED.
He seemed actually serious for the first time. Of course, it was another coffee during the day invite, for which I accused him of being afraid to have a drink with me. But he told me he was in the middle of a difficult apt move and his nights were consumed with packing. So we made a [tentative, of course] plan for thursday afternoon.
Weds night I had dinner plans with bestie LoPro and then supposed to meet another random guy who's been keeping tabs on me who I figured I should just get it over with. I was in the midst of showering/changing post-gym when I got a text from 6'4. Text?  Yes, I had left him my number MONTHS ago during our many FB messages, never to be used or even made mention of. Lo and behold, homeboy dug through emails and found it.
He asked if I wanted to meet him for a drink around 9pm.  I told him I was confused about his "moving" story. His response? He'd been packing since 5p and he figured having a drink with a cowgirl copywriter might be a little more fun. MAYBE.
I instantly cancelled my date with random-dude, knowing I absolutely had to capitalize on this offer, since there was a very good change it may not come again. Shifted outfits (cute>hot) and ran to meet LoPro.
Wolfed my food and then ran to meet up with someone I had been certain was a Unicorn or the Tooth Fairy. This was JUST TOO GOOD. Did he actually exist?
Oh yes, my friends. He did.
Just as good-looking, if not better in person. Completely my type. Instantly attracted to him.
I met him around 9:30p and the conversation was easy. He's an incredibly ambitious, driven guy and that is a serious turn-on for me, especially coming from the relationships I've been in.  In many ways, his tenacity reminded me of my Dad's (ahh!). But not in a bad way.  In fact, this is a guy my dad would flipping LOVE.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.
After a few hours of talking, eating meatballs (of course) and going to our 3rd bar, we had definitely gotten comfortable with each other. Cut to us, STILL out at a bar. At almost 4am! On a Wednesday! He literally took about 8 hours to finally kiss me. And this was after we had been talking so closely he only had one eye and his face was all blurry. FINALLY!  And, worth the wait. For sure.
We decided we should probably go home and he said he'd walk me. Of course, since he doesn't live in Manhattan [Long Island City--what?], he alluded to needing the facilities before heading out.  I obliged as we'd been drinking for appx EIGHT hours at that point, plus I wanted smoochfest part deux.  Yes, I know, I'm not supposed to even be having guys back to my place due to my lack of self-control, but he did not end up slumber party-ing and texted that he got home safely. At 5:37a. Ouch.
We exchanged a series of funny texts the next day, both of us miserably hungover and dog-tired.  But, even though my nauseous stomach felt like someone was playing the kick-drum inside it, I couldn't help but feel kind of good about this guy.
Granted, I've learned my lesson from Boulder Boy. Never again will I get so revved up about someone. Never. 
Still, something felt like it had potential here.  Although I was a bit bummed by the fact that I had the last text sent around 3p and no response. But, getting my new set of amazing fake lashes installed (pics to come!) and packing for my first weekend at the beach helped distract me.
The next day, I picked up BFWB and we headed out to our beach share in the amazingness that is Kismet, Fire Island. As we traveled out there, I realized I had a few emails. And, holy shitballs, one was a Someecard from 6'4!
And there it was. With a smiley face and his name attached. 
a) he had to get my email from FB = extra effort.
b) searched through cards =extra work
c) picked something hilariously appropriate and SO right up my alley= extra points. YES.

Plus, the opportunity for me to email him back and forth, in attempt for me to persuade him to join me at the beach sunday-monday, post-move. 
No go.
His move got delayed, yadda yadda. Probably for the best, as my therapist has warned me of "over-exposure" too soon. So true. But the emails back and forth were funny.
Plus a funny text back and forth Sunday.
And, THAT'S. IT.
Here we go again. It's Wednesday and I haven't heard from him.  Which once again makes me need to ask the question, when did I become the "one and done" girl?  I just don't get it.
I know, I know. It hasn't been THAT long. He's been moving. That sucks big time. 
If someone likes you, they let you know.
Like sending you a funny e-card.
Now what?

I'd write more, but I'm off to drown my confusion in a bottle of white with some friends. Don't worry, I'll drink water too.