Monday, August 15, 2011

"Crazy Girl"

So a girlfriend of mine and I were just texting each other and I called her a "crazy girl." We then talked about the new Eli Young Band song called crazy girl and how sweet it was. She said she would cry if a guy sang it to her. I said I cry just thinking about it!

What girl wouldn't want to be told they were loved like crazy?? In fact, I'm willing to bet every girl's heart beats faster when that song comes on the radio. We desire very deeply to be loved and fought for.

Lord knows the men in our lives let us down often enough--but what if I told you there was one man who gave his life for you, loves you like crazy, and will never ever leave you? If you don't believe it you must be crazy girl.

Here's to you, from Jesus himself...

Stop searching for a man to sing this to you, the lover of your soul already is. <3