Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guard it!

As girls living after Genesis 3:16, I think many times we look around and say, “Hey there’s a male, perhaps he could love me and care for me...I think I’ll go give him my attention!”

Obviously our thoughts aren’t that blunt, but our hearts sure are. The sad thing is we don’t even notice we’re doing it most the time…it’s just the curse of woman.

Satan has twisted our minds and desires so much that we think it’s normal, healthy, and natural for women to throw themselves at men—when the truth is, women were not made to be like that. There’s a reason we were created with the desire to be pursued—the desire to be the princess rescued by the prince.

When we women turn around and seek after the men that interest us, we often wind up hurt and confused, wondering if he really even loves us. Duh! That’s because your heart was made to be pursued. It wasn’t meant to be thrown around to whatever pig comes running up.

The other day I was praying and I God laid this on my heart:

Daughter of the King,


Beautiful creation,

I have created every intimate detail about you. I know your thoughts, your heart, and your desires— all of which are wonderful and beautiful. I made you the way you are for a purpose and a reason. You may be missing the reason, but I still love you regardless.

Out of all the special things about you, the dearest to me is your heart. Here is where I have placed both your emotions and your desires, the two most powerful things within you. Here is where I give the choice to you—love me or reject me. Your heart is where people look to either see more of me, your creator—or more of your selfish ambitions that lead to destruction.

You see--your heart is something so wonderful, so sweet, and so precious, that it was made to be pursued. Your heart is worth being pursued. Don’t throw your treasures, gifts, and secrets at every male you meet. In fact, I want you to guard it above everything else. Keep it carefully locked safe and sound in my hands. Give it to me and at the perfect moment, I promise I will place it in the right hands.

Remember my promise to give you something so amazing that all of your temporary pain and waiting will seem silly. Hold tight to my hand, and I will lead you to my plans for you. Please, trust me and I will lead you there, into the Promised Land.

I love you and want to give you the best,

God your Father

Proverbs 4:23

“Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”