Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is the #1 Addiction?

In the context of many of my posts I have hit on different issues, and different addictions that are commonly found in relationships.  However, it has come to my attention that I have skipped over perhaps the most common addiction problem among young women.  This isn't one of "the big three" (drugs, sex, and alcohol,)  and it's not anything that automatically sends you to jail or leaves your parents in tears at the mention of it, but that is exactly why it is one of Satan's most cunning plans.

Psychologists blame this addiction on your parents.  Inventors proudly claim the addiction as something technology has created.  Steve Jobs would have been honored to take credit for it, and Brad Paisley should write a song about it.  On the other hand, most secular music points to it, movies encourage it, and your family laughs about it.

Your Sunday school teacher wouldn't mention it, your teachers at school despise it, and the principal could care less.  This addiction can be as obvious as a sign on your four-head, or as secret as Grandma's cookie recipe.  Ask theologians if they've heard of it and they will be puzzled.  Tell your best friend she's got it and she will be devastated.  Your male friends won't ever understand it, and the doctor can't assess it.  No medication will cure it, and no amount of substance will satisfy it.  It is a life-long disease if you never learn to deal with it, (which most don't.)

To my knowledge there are no books written specifically for this, and no gossip magazine can describe this.  Although it is all around us, we can't pick it out until we recognize it.  Boyfriends will be the first to pick up on it, only after 6 weeks though, and ex-girlfriends know it when they hear it.  I would bet that you have based relationships around this and they worked for a little while.  You have probably even dated guys solely because of this.  After leaving a relationship based on this some people are mortified, and with good reason.

This addiction can cause you to leave your lifelong marriage partner in pursuit of someone younger.  It can take away your joy for other hobbies such as spending time with your kids.  This addiction is not readily associated with death, but it does cause an inward death of some sort.

Jesus is the only cure to this addiction.  He is the only one who can replace it, and he is the only one who can fix it.  We try to satisfy it with cell phones, Facebook, and dinner-dates.  Hair and make up feed it, and sweatpants temper it slightly.  It is an addiction that starts off so slight, so small, so young, so naturally, that the world tends to overlook this flaw and call it a 'quality' of you.  Sadly this is as far from the truth as it gets.

Do you know what it is yet?  Have you figured out the #1 addiction?  Do you think you are a victim of it?  Perhaps you should think on this just a little while and it will come to you. 
 Place your guess in the comment box below and if you guess correctly you might win a prize.