Friday, November 11, 2011

Communication, a girl's best friend


Alright ladies, I do not write this post to badger with more relationship chatter but just indulge. Please.
We hear all the time about how a relationship is based on communication, communication, and more communication. Personally, this makes sense, but the horror lies in the fact that this responsibility lies on the female. I don’t think that this trait is present in the male mind-I would like to be proven wrong.

Here are the definitions of the many types of “male communicators”.

These are in no order of importance. All are equally lame.

1.        The Messenger Pigeon: a guy who tells his friend to tell your friend to tell you to come watch their basketball game. This guy will literally send a messenger pigeon to your door before he will talk to you face to face.
2.        The Techno Turd: Facebook, Twitter, texting, instant messaging, and e-mail are all a favorite for this go getter. He is not afraid to talk as long as his fingers are doing the work.
3.       The Silent Stallion: (Ideal for a date). Easily defined. He is silent.
4.        The Ambiguous Amateur: this guy is always eager to make plans. Examples: “We should do something soon.” “Oh, you like tennis? We should play sometime!” or “I will call you this weekend.” All sound promising but lead to let down because this guy has no idea what he is doing.
5.       The Freaky Fiasco: these are the guys you catch staring. Now I will be the first to admit that it is flattering to catch a guy stealing a second peek as he walks by. But this guy knows no limits. He lingers and he stares. No one knows exactly what he is communicating….

Maybe it is left for us to communicate. Let’s be real, are DTR’s ever started by a male?

Big kiss, little kiss, big hug, little hug,

Char and Gert