Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dating story #69, No, I'm not dead.

"Lindsey, did you lose the password to your own blog?"


Here's the low dizzown from LindseyTown. 

In the past few months, I haven't written because I've been

I'm still those things right now, however I DO have a little time to write. I'm just in a bit of a conundrum. 

I actually LIKE someone.

I've been "seeing" this person for almost 2 months now, and I feel like blogging about it is going to "jinx" it or something.

I know, I know.  That's stupid right?

Keep your opinions to yourself!

No, sorry. I have no idea if it's stupid or not.  But this isn't your normal, run-of-the-mill dating situation. [why would it be? It is ME we're talking about, after all]. Also, this guy is incredibly tech-savvy and lord knows if he's already found this blog or not. It's pretty well hidden but that means nothing to the internet hacker genius eggheads of the world. 

It's a mostly abnormal dating sitch because I thought this, like many others, was just going to be a fun, flirty visit to Flingtown, USA.  Apparently, so did he, since on the second time we hung out--the first being a wild night of open bars wherein he got blackout drunk, was thrown in a cab home by some moronical guy friends and proceeded to lose his iPhone. Yeah-- so that second time I made some joke about us having to get along since we have a mutual friend (which isn't, btw, the way we met ironically!) and he immediately said:
HIM: "Whoa, well I'm going to business school in a year so I'm not looking for anything serious."
ME:  "Whoa whoa whoa- you don't know anything about me. So, umm...chill out. Can we just have fun?"

But of course, his words have haunted me ever since the relationship started to evolve.  And also, so fucking what if you're going to B-school in a year?  
When one goes off to B-school, do they also DIE and/or cease to exist anymore?
I chose to ignore that and focus more on his actions, which have been inconsistently consistent.  

Yeah. I'm scared. I'm freaking a little. I haven't really liked anyone in so long.
But I know exactly what to do here: nada.

It's really an excellent practice in being patient, playing it cool, and doing all the things I've tried and been horribly unsuccessful at since I've been writing this blog.  

So, everyone send some good ju ju out to the universe for me and hopefully I'll have some happy stories to tell.  
Or, some really awful ones.
Either way, you guys WIN! 

And, as a reward, here's another interesting story!
We all remember SoCal, right? [Duh].
Hard to believe I met him almost a year ago and have been sporadically seeing him since. The last I saw him was at my beach house over the summer.  We had a super fun day and that was pretty much it.  Which, was really fine by me. After all, I've contemplated moving him into the friend zone several times.
Anyho, just before Halloween I reached out to him since I had some concert tix I couldn't use and, since he's my concert dude, I thought maybe he'd want them. Turns out he couldn't go, but said we should meet up for a drink soon.  So, even though I had started seeing the aforementioned guy [who I have not given a blog name to, did you notice?], I figured I could use a distraction. Plus I was still keen on making the friend zone transition and thought maybe that could happen on this occasion.  However, after him being at soccer practice he texted me that he was exhausted and on the couch watching tv. He asked whether I wanted to come over there and just chill with him or reschedule.  I was also exhausted from 3 hours of band rehearsal and also wanted to avoid his apartment and any potential situations there, so we decided to raincheck it.  
Cut to Thanksgiving.
I'm home in Texas.
DYING to receive comm from guy I like and, upon not getting any, became a rabid social media stalker. [Oy.]
So I happened to come across some pics SoCal posted on FB and I went to his page to see more.  Lo and behold, what did I find there???
"SoCal is in a relationship with FakeBoobs McCougar!"
[Do you like my name for her? I do!]
um...secondly, WHAT!
a) He has a GF?

I was dying over this.  Not because I, in any way, shape or form, wish to be the person in the relationship with him. But mostly because I just didn't think that would happen. Anytime soon, or ever.
Now, FakeBoobs McCougar has appeared in some FB activity for quite awhile. Mostly starting in the Spring. And, she even popped up in a text message when he was out at the beach with me over the summer. (Not stalking, his iPhone just popped up with the text and I was sitting next to it.)
So, I worked on wrapping my head around that which proved to be an interesting distraction from my yearning for comm from you-know-who.
Anyway, by the time I got back to NYC sunday I started becoming desperate since I have yet ANOTHER set of concert tix I couldn't use since I will be in VEGAS visiting MIM that weekend! 
After several failed attempts to sell on Craigslist and to other concert loving friends, I decided it was time to contact SoCal. Plus I figured, hey! He can take his FB Official GF to it!
Upon texting him to see if he wanted the tix, he responded:
HIM: "I don't know them. Are they any good? Let's meet for drinks this week and you can fill me in."
I was not expecting that!
Color me unbelievably intrigued. 
Does he want to sit me down and officially tell me about his GF (even thought FB already told me that)?
Does he just want to catch up?
Will he try to make a move on me, like a total sleazeball?
Oh the possibilities!!!
So obvi, I'm going.  And, it's TONIGHT.
If curiosity killed the cat, I must be some kind of mountain lion 'cause I am soo curious about this I cannot wait!  
Does this make me a sad, sad person?
Who. The. Hell. Cares.
Please note, I have no desire to be anything more than friends with him at this point, especially considering what's currently going on in my life.  But you can bet your sweet bippy's that I'm not gonna bring up the GF thing first!  
Alas, dear readers, (if there are, in fact, ANY of you still out there!) we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what this is about.

Sorry for the radio silence. 
Thanks for missing me. 
I missed you too.

Despite several attempts to sell these on craigslist