Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NBA Lockout: An answer to a Spinster’s prayers

Since there is so much news running around about the NBA lockout, we thought we’d share our professional opinion on the subject.

Something about millions.

Something about billions.

Something about every weekend night suddenly wide open for males ages 18-180.

What we’re trying to explain ladies is our prayers have been answered.

No more men getting together to “watch the game” while you sit at home waiting for their phone call, no more trying to keep eye contact with your date while he looks over your shoulder trying to see what “the score is” on the tv blaring in the background of the restaurant, no more mood swings after their team loses….

Needless to say, it’s a beautiful thing.

Now we’re not saying we hate basketball or sports in general. We’ve even been seen at professional sports games with a churro in hand. All we’re trying to say is that the 1,429 hours that men used to spend watching pre-game shows, the game, halftime reports, and post game shows are a thing of the past.

Goodbye ESPN, HELLO Friday night dates.

Always cheering you on,

Gertie and Char