Monday, December 26, 2011

Following Him

Have you ever been lost? Did you wonder where to go to get directions? Where a map was? Even wonder which way was north? We have all been lost, and we have all found a way to get back on the right path. The same goes for our spiritual life as it does for our physical life -- we all get lost, but God will always lead us back home.

Honestly, who hasn't been lost (physically and/or spiritually)? I have. The funny thing is that there is one answer for both -- GOD! He can always lead you home, but you have to ask for his help. Prayer is the most powerful tool that man possesses. It is a lot harder to try and do things on our own than it is to ask for help, so why not ask the one who can help in any situation?

There's only one catch -- God doesn't just want to be in our lives when we need help, he wants to be in our lives at all times. He doesn't want us to fall on our knees in times of sadness and pain only, but also during times of joy and happiness. God deserves credit for all of the good things in life, and we are all guilty of not giving him the credit he deserves.

I wish I could say I have always given Him all of the glory for everything good in my life but I haven't. Because of self-pride and acts of selfishness I have gave myself credit for some of it, although, I know deep down inside I could not have done it without my Lord and Savior. I hope to follow His path and go where He leads me, instead of following my own selfish acts as I have done in the past. My will is not perfect, but His is.

                                                                                        Contributed by: Lynsie Watkins