Monday, January 23, 2012

Defining Your Daily Life

It’s been awhile since we’ve given some vital definitions.

We apologize.

1.                    Proper noun.
a.    A person who got confused and embraces out of date artifacts such as records, high-waisted pants, the color mustard and coke bottle glasses and somehow pulls them off.

See also Urban Outfitters,  indie music and graphic tees.

“Shut up!”
1.             A phrase of the verbal nature.
a.    Something you yell when you are really excited or disgusted about something.
·      “You got kissed last night?! SHUT UP!”
·      “You got that for $8?! SHUT UP!”
·      “You’re going to D.C. for the summer? SHUT UP!”

b.    The best way to silence your 6:55 a.m. alarm clock…
                                      …besides smashing it.

Girls Night Out
1.           An outing of the female class.
a.    An excursion made up of girls who want to escape the pressures of work, exercising and boys.
b.    Dominate topic of conversation: boys.
c.     Dang it.

1.             Acronym for “Define the Relationship”.
a.    A conversation that is generally initiated by the female at some milestone in a relationship.
b.    Typical phrases include:
·      “What are we?”
·      “Are we seeing other people right now or…no?”
·      “Well I thought since we’d kissed we were dating…”
·      “What do you mean by “open relationship?”

c.     Side-effects usually include pit in stomach, violent frustration, numb shock and 12 back to back playings of John Mayer’s single, “Friends, Lovers, or Nothing.”

Always Educating,

Gertrude and Charlotte