Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's the most "EnGaGiNg" time of the year

Some have inquired about how it feels to be a spinster over the holidays. We would love to answer your questions. In fact, keep them coming. Our wealth of knowledge is meant to be shared because "with great power comes great responsibility."

The holidays.

They were great.

Eggnog, woolly socks, presents from Barnes and Noble, movie marathons....a spinster couldn't ask for more.
Yes it was awkward trying to dodge the ole' relations' questions of "Now are you seeing anybody these days?"
But our strategy has been perfected.

"(Cue: Nervous laugh) Oh....enough about me, I hear your daughter got engaged, let's hear about it."
        Perfect for moving the attention off of you and it couldn't make the relation happier as they get to talk about themselves.

"Ya know, just dating around."
        Now careful with this one as it could potentially backfire. You will need a list of names of these fellas and if you only have one, or in very sad cases zero, you must backpedal like your life depends on it. And that is not classy. Keep it classy.

"I have just been really busy with school/work/ummmmm yoga/Nick at Night. Dating is just not really a priority right now."
       This leaves you looking like a well-rounded, busy individual whose social life has been tossed aside for one of educational/monetarial/physical/cultural reasons (If you call Happy Days and Boy Meets World cultural.)

And finally, if it gets really bad, lie! Falsehood your way out of the problem.

Relations are great and we love spending time with them, but hopefully these one liners will get you out of some sticky situations in the future.

New Years, as always, was a treat. This year was slightly different then others as we both had at least a baker's dozen friends get engaged.  (Thus our post title).

One was proposed to in the Swiss Alps-that's normal.
Another, on a yacht-also normal.
Yet another, under the fireworks.

For once, I want to hear about a proposal happening in a J. Crew store (Char's dream!) No more of this yacht garbage!

So yes, all in all, it was a delightful holiday. Some girls were extra good and got some diamond rocks on their fingers for Christmas. But we are content with our Scrabble Expansion Pack.

You're always welcome for a Saturday night Scrabble Scrimmage Session.

Char and Gertie