Sunday, January 29, 2012

Piggy Bank Woes

I have gotten into the somewhat tacky habit of texting myself reminders. Actually I don’t even send them because reading texts from yourself seems a little desperate. I save them all as drafts and look at them later because I’m not rich enough to afford a smarty pants phone that makes you breakfast in bed and helps you with Algebra. It’s not that I don’t have a healthy income. I really do. It’s just my savings seem to go through a sieve of seemingly harmless purchases.

Red Box? Oh please…that’s only like a dollar. I can get that!
        Caution: This justification only works
         if you go to Red Box once.
         Not if you rent romantic comedies

Consignment Stores? Oh yeah. I can for sure afford that vintage silk blouse.
         I go into these second hand shops 
         thinking everything is free.
         Turns out I spend more at these places 
         than I do at Nordstrom Rack.

Tropical Twist Trident Gum? 4 for $5?! Done.
         Wow. The store clerk has to restock 
         after I see signs like that.
         Congratulations Target marketing team. 
         You won.

 But as Gertie always says…
 “You’re single! You owe it to yourself! Get two of ­­__insert splurge here! 

…and you know what? She’s right. This advice is especially pertinent when it comes to clothing/accessories/shoe shopping.

It’s an investment.

Not like we’re husband hunting or anything we’re just…okay so yeah we are but it’s fine.

Nothing is more beautiful than confidence right?

Just turns out our confidence has a little bit of a price tag. 
From Anthropologie.

Hoping you are quite well in body and spirit,