Friday, February 10, 2012

Blasted make-up aisle....

I went to the grocery store for ONE poster board for a project....

And ended up with all this.

EIGHT poster boards (all cute colors), THREE small Aveeno lotions, Wet and Wild’s Through the Grapevine nail polish, Maybelline’s 8 Hushed Tints eyeshadow, hairspray that smells like an orange and strawberry smoothie and a delish curl crème that I will put on wet hair and call “getting ready” good for the day.

Blasted make-up aisle...

I knew I didn’t need anything, I just thought I’d “walk down the aisle”…. and no that wasn’t a reference to...well maybe it was.....whatevs.  Anyways, I walk down and realize I not only need something on the aisle, but I’m gonna need a big ole' basket to haul away my loot.

The make-up aisle is one of my guilty pleasures.

As is….

 Delaying homework to Facebook stalk
Keeping a bag of tropical starburst in my purse for snacking
Prank calling
Chocolate fountains
Justin Bieber acoustic YouTube channel
Over the knee boots from Charlotte Russe
Eavesdropping on strangers
Listening to backstreet boys, or in my case, paying $98 to go to their concert last summer
Rock’in Bath and Body Works lotion instead of showering

Oh, and the ultimate guilty pleasure?

Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby icecream.

If you have not tried this yet, you might want to scooch back from your computer right now, find your keys that have way too many key chains on it, get in your car that hopefully has at least a quarter tank of gas in it, and drive to the nearest grocery. Once you have tasted of this beautiful concoction that has been frozen, you may say that you have truly lived.