Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boy Fast

A boy fast: verb.
1.            To abstain from all contacts with the male race for a period of time.
2.            A cleansing of boys and all the troubles they bring to your system.
3.           A time for you to relax and rejuvenate so you can come back refreshed.

When to enact a boy fast:
·      After a wicked break-up.
·                3 or more painfully awful blind dates.
·      A prolonged game of “emotional tag” where you seem to be the only one playing
         The moment you realize you’ve checked your phone more than 4 times in a minute just to see if a boy has texted you.
          A kiss that just really didn’t mean that much to you.
     After the 5th time a relative has asked you if you’re dating anyone.
          The next time someone tacky says, “You’re such a cute girl! Why aren’t you married?!”

Side effects may include:

                                                      Greater awareness of self

Glass ceiling exploding confidence

                           Shopping at expensive places

                                                            A ‘devil may care’ attitude

         Eating at Mexican restaurants

                                             Pampering yourself

Warning: you will be tempted to “snack” during your boy fast.

Snacking includes lunch dates, texting him first, trying to get all your girls together in order to find a similar pack of boys, flirting, etc…

Stay strong.

You can’t keep your stamina high if you’re running on an empty tank. So take the next rest stop and relax for awhile.

It will all work out.

Fasting but occasionally snacking,

Gertie and Char