Monday, February 20, 2012

Cop Sneak Attack

After I do something stupid while driving the first thing I do is check my rear view window to see if a cop is pulling out around a corner. It’s not like I’ve had a huge cop problem but one time a cop pulled a sneaky ninja attack and followed me in stealth mode (aka all his lights off) and then pulled me over for rolling a stop sign. It was one in the morning and he came charging out of his car and booked it over to my window like I was a raging criminal.

As I was rolling down my window I said, 

“Hi officer how are you?”
He said, “I’m fine how are you?”
and I said,
“I’m fine how are you?”
Then he laughed at me. 

It took me a second to realize why he was laughing at me and then I said, “Did I already ask you that?” He then shined his flashlight into my car and saw my neon green ipod playing Spice Girls, a bunch of starburst wrappers on the floor, warm vanilla sugar body spray and hand sanitizer and realized I was not the threat to the community he had suspected.

He told me I need to do a better job stopping, and then laughed at me again and walked away.

Therefore ladies, the lesson to this incident is to make your car look like an 11 year old girl lives there and cops think it’s funny and let you off the hook.

Oh, by the way my stops at stop signs these days are impeccable. The whole S-T-O-P treatment.

Just trying to get home safely,